Park Min-young was a curator at the 5th year in the TVN drama ‘Her Private Life’ (directed by Kim Hye Young and Hong Jong-chan)

In the 8th episode of her private life, which was broadcasted on the last two days, Park Min-young presented a variety of rollercoaster-style emotional expressions with a stable and detailed acting ability.

The ending of the kiss with Ryan (Kim Jae-wook) turned out to be the imagination of Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young). But Deuxi has become more confident in his mind about Ryan. Ryan also expressed his heartfelt desire for the most important person (Hong Seo-young) who not only expressed his interest in the virtue of devotion but also the fake love affair with him.

As Chassian (Jeong Won-won)’s visual director became obsessed and participation in the special show became unclear, Ryan suggested a solution to the problem. Xian, who wanted to collaborate with Dain, accepted the proposal. So, Duckmy and Ryan tried to get permission from Dain. In the workshop, Duckmy and Ryan, who make furniture for Dyne’s new workroom together, showed a majestic atmosphere.

At the end of the broadcast, Deuxmi and Ryan’s minds were divergent and anxious and interested. Duckmy was thinking ‘I met a man who can speak honestly’ and I heard that Dian wanted to quit fake love. Eventually I decided to bury my heart for him. Ryan, who was ready to confess, said, “Stop. “The fake love affair,” he said.

Especially, Park Min Young expresses the emotions of various emotions flexibly and expresses sympathy, as well as the pink emotion of Duckmyu who is in love and the mood for Ryan. It is said that the control of the emotional tone based on solid acting ability shone brightly. Park Min Young’s expectations for her ‘private life’ are getting higher and higher.

Meanwhile, ‘her private life’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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