After the last meeting, members Kim Min-kyu and Lee Young-ji revealed their true self that they want to show.

This was followed by a series of high-level rappers equipped with skills and breakouts. Choi Min – hong, the youngest of the team, said, “I have a lot of brothers and I live well because of my family. I want to show that I am doing well.

Kid Milly was surprised at his age, saying, “I never did this at this age.” He received 157 points.

Another talented person, Song Min-jae, took the first place with 221 points. Kim Hyo-jin, a cute charm, showed a positive charm but was left out with 142 points.

Song Min-jae’s first place did not last long. Yoon Hyeon-sun came back to the top with 231 points. He poured hot tears and said, “I wish I could get this score, I will pay you back on a good stage.”

Actor Jung Eun-pyo’s son, Jung Eung-woong, a 167 IQ player, also came on stage. He was praised as ‘humanity hip hop’ in the right way. However, he fell short of his score.

Next came Kwon Young-hoon, who was attracted by Groovy Room Hui Min. Though Hui Min was first on SNS. He scored 252 points and finished in the top spot.

After this stage, a mentor hearing was held to select a team. Yang, Seung-Ho and Kim Min-gyu decided to join the team. Since then, additional passes have been made. Kim Ho Jin, who was unfortunately disappeared, came back together.

Team mentors and high-level rappers had time to get to know each other through the 10 Tutorials. I had a good time at the amusement park.

On the other hand, the next session raised anticipation by anticipating a textbook rap match.

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