Maddox attended the entrance ceremony of the Underwood International College of International Studies held at the Truth Hall A, Yonsei University International Campus, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea.

Maddux, who appeared in a white hat and a gray T-shirt, arrived before the entrance ceremony and chatted with a classmate next to him. The classmates also treated him as an ordinary friend, who smiled brightly at the freshman’s excitement as a college student.

Since then, the entrance ceremony was conducted in English, and Yonsei University allowed only 10 minutes to report on-site on the day, saying that students and parents may be uncomfortable with taking pictures and videos. Maddox was embarrassed by the reporters who photographed him, but soon returned to his smile and spent no time with other students.

Madinx’s mother, Angelina Jolie, was not revealed at the entrance ceremony. Maddox was his first child Angelina Jolie adopted in an orphanage in Cambodia in 2002. 

Angelina Jolie entered the country on the 18th (local time) and departed the 21st to prepare for admission to Maddox. The two spent time together, visiting the school, exploring Seoul, and even signing an apartment for Maddox to stay after his residence.

Angelina Jolie, who was reported to have shed tears at the time of departure, told reporters at the Disney fan event ‘2019 D23 Expo in Anaheim, USA on the 24th that she was crying out in a hurry when she broke up with Maddox. I think I’ve been back at the airport six times. Maddux knew I’d keep looking and waved. I knew you couldn’t leave easily. I also confess my mind.

He then said, “I miss my son so much. I didn’t cut off my ticket, but I will go there again.”

Prior to this, Angelina Jolie and Maddox visited Korea in November last year, attracting attention for their unprecedented walk in Hollywood. Medux and his parents Angelina Jolie, who became official Yonsei University students, are already looking forward to another step forward.

Underwood International University, where Maddox will be enrolled, is taught in English, with students from more than 50 different countries. After two days of freshman orientation, Maddox will have to live in the dormitory at the Songdo International Campus (OSEN only) for one year and then take classes at Sinchon Campus in Seoul.

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