On the 18th, MBC ‘I Live Alone’ revealed the daily life of Heo Ji-woong and Nohrain’s Lee Sung-woo.

Han Hye-jin appeared in the studio with a surprise. Park Narae was particularly pleased with the appearance of Han Hye-jin. Han Hye-jin directly said, “We came back with a healthy appearance in a year,” said Heo Woong.

He was suspended in December last year after being diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Huh Ji-woong, who was devoted to the treatment afterwards, said in May that chemo treatment was over.

Huh Ji-woong, who appeared in the year after year, said, “I lived. I came back healthy and well.

Heo Ji-woong has lived alone since he was 19 years old. As soon as he woke up, Heo Woong started playing with ‘Infinite Challenge’. “I’m doing a lot of exercise. I went to the gym as soon as I finished six chemo treatments,” he said.

After the exercise, Heo Woong ate a total of seven nutrients. “I’m worried. I sometimes dream of a relapse. I had a habit of taking nutritional supplements after the onset.”

Heo-woong, who regularly visits the hospital, went to the hospital to check blood tests.

The doctor said, “I checked at the end of September, and I’m very healthy now. It’s all normal. For more than one fort exercise.” “We have to keep testing for about five years, because there’s a chance that cells will grow.”

Huh Ji-woong, listening to the doctor’s words one by one, said, “It seems to be better as soon as the doctor told me to do it.”

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