In the SBS entertainment program ‘Baekjongwon’s Alley Restaurant’ broadcasted on the afternoon of 15th, Baek Jongwon’s visit to the retro chicken house and potato soup house in Hongje-dong Cultural Village, the 20th alley, was depicted.

Retro chicken and potato soup are the first menus to appear in the ‘alley restaurant’. The retro chicken house, which was first introduced, was operated by an elderly couple. Baek Jong-won, Kim Seong-ju, and Jung In-sun were surprised by the many menus that are similar to the pub and the belief of the shop that “If you can’t deliver”.

It was opened at 2 pm and no one showed up until 5 pm. The store uses No. 11 chicken, fried batters, and water soju. My husband told Baek Jong-won to laugh at it, saying, “The secret I heard from my boss when I bought a chicken house 16 years ago.”

It turned out that the name was not just retro, but everything from interior to menu to taste was retro. Husband
proved this by saying, “The family has lived in Hongje-dong for about 180 years. “

About the taste of chicken in the late half, Baek Jong-won said, “It’s a unique taste that can be tasted anywhere. The fried taste is retro, but the seasoning taste is not retro.” “It’s good. I know why the guests tell me not to get rid of it.”

The situation at another restaurant, Potato Soup House, was serious. My son was in charge of the counter in this shop run by his mother. He sat at the counter, unaware of the crew’s camera, and watched a football game and a Go game on his tablet.

Even though it was 11:30 to prepare lunch, it was dark inside and no one prepared it. Baek Jong-won said, “I do not have clothes to patronize.

One of the worse crew members appeared as a guest, and the mother in charge of cooking left the room. His son, who kept the rice in his thermos, kept his eyes on the tablet. After serving the bone haejangguk, my son started watching entertainment on a tablet. My mom finished cooking and went into the room, and my son kept eyeing only on the tablet, even though the guests were very busy.

Baek Jong-won entered the shop and ordered Potato Soup after tasting the soup. He said, “The liver is weak. It’s fresh.” After tasting the meat, Baek Jong-won asked, “Aren’t you cooked today?” The frozen meat was stored for a long time, so that the juice was out. My mother made excuses, “It’s delicious if you eat it right, but you can’t do it.” Baek Jong-won said, “Don’t make excuses. This is also an investment. If you do not have customers, you should throw it away.” Boil only a small amount and recommended freshness without discarding.

In fact, the bigger problem was the attitude of the hat. “I have a willingness to take over the shop,” he had never studied potato soup properly, and he did not even make his own fried rice. In front of Baek Jong-won’s eyes, he cut the ingredients for fried rice, cut his hands with a knife, tense, and looked around to find the ingredients.

Lastly, the red bean kalguksu restaurant attracted attention with its unique values ​​of materials and prices. In particular, the day before the test shooting, the red bean soup suddenly appeared to have raised the price by 1,000 won, raising questions. Red beans and perilla, the main ingredients, were used in China.

When Baek Jong-won asked why he suddenly raised the price of the menu without consulting his husband, the wife told him an episode with the customer. “Some of the guests came in and the rest were 8,000 won, but here it was 7000 won’t taste good. I changed it by speaking a little bit.” My husband felt sorry for his inconsiderate appearance such as “I only do as my wife said” and “I’m going back to my wife.”

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