In the MBN ‘Can We Love Again’ broadcast on the 15th, Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk performed on Jeju Island for the first time. 

On this day, Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk went to the pampas grass. The two walked along the street holding their hands and talked about it 20 years later. Horan said, “I hope I will love someone 20 years later. I hope it won’t be numb.” 

Lee Jun-hyuk said, “Even if something hard happens, we want to work together to overcome it.” Horan asked, “I will be by my side 20 years later.” Lee Junhyeok confidently said, “Yes.” 

Horan was jokingly saying, “This is a proposal now.” 

On the other hand, Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk went on their first performance. Horan said, “I had a lot to pack. It’s my first performance, so I have a lot to worry about because the music is different.” 

Horan before the show said, “I was thrilled and excited to fight.” Kim Kyung-ran envyed, “It’s a couple who have both work and love.” 

Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk stood on the stage with the audience’s applause. The first song was ‘Novabosa’. Horan boasted an attractive tone and began singing along with Lee’s accompaniment. 

The audience applauded Horan’s song. Horan introduced Lee Joon-hyuk and said, “It is guitarist Dominic Joon.” 

Horan said, “I’m about to get a bit of a celebrity bottle. I was a bit tricky that I needed some shading before I got on the stage. 

Horan said, “My boyfriend has been playing metal music for 20 years.” Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk immediately caught the eye by showing guitar ensemble with metal music.  

Subsequently, Horan and Lee Joon-hyuk played a variety of songs and received a lot of attention from the audience. 

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