KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 4’, which aired on the 10th, was featured in ‘Come on’, and actors Jung Dong-hwan, Namgyeong-eup, Bae Hae-sun, Gugudan Mina, and Pio were talking.

On the day, Jung Dong-hwan said that he appeared in 50 years after his debut. “I am impressed. I have reporters on my way to work, and I got that glory because of” Happy Together. “

Bae Hae-sun and Nam-gyeong-eup also showed their fans toward Jeong Dong-hwan. Bae Hae-sun said, “Jung Dong-hwan’s senior is attractive and has the magic power to break out every time.” “It’s intelligent when you get off the stage, and the sound is so good. Namkyung-eup said, “I saw the senior performer in the auditorium.

Namkyung-eup also mentioned his brother and musical actor Namkyung-ju. “When I go along the road with my brother (Namkyungju), 7-80 out of 100 people recognize it. I recognize one out of 1000 people,” he said. Jo Se-ho said, “Do you recognize a lot now?”

Bae Hae-sun said that many people look after the TVN ‘Hotel DeLona’ appearance. “In the past, I recognized it as a work or a cast, but now you remember the name. I was surprised.”

Kuopio is about IU who appeared together in “Hotel del Luna ‘” inde same age had the honorific each other led to that relationship is the fact saw smoke and play with handcuffs relationship. Honorific came naturally, “he said. “I’m hard to get close because I’m the same age,” he said.

Mina said that IU is a role model. He said, “since I dreamed of a young singer IU’ve seen a lot of seniors,” he said, “had to actually trembled too. Cheongsimhwan thought Seeing the IU seniors,” he confessed. Followed by “I saw flipping hair neomgisi I kept looking at the script so pretty” for a first impression of IU he said.

The call took place is a surprise connection with the IU. IU said, “I was too interesting broadcasts will come” for the first entertainer starring Jung Dong-hwan. She was acting as a woman in ‘Best Yi Sun-shin’ and said, “I acted with my teacher for 4 times. I was so serious.

Following the current status of preparing a new album, “I love the Delana family went out, I’ll be sure to take care of the broadcast,” he said, “I hope the viewers who have not released Deluna, I want you to be a regular shooter.”

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