Ye Esther talked frankly from love story to confession of depression.

MBC ‘Human Documentary is good’ broadcasted on the 1st of the doctor’s life story was revealed.

On this day, Ye Esther found a one-person broadcasting studio run by her husband, Hong Hye-Gul. Ye Esther, “When you try to drop the viewing rate brings me,” he said. “I do not have teachers coming to bring me.” Hong Hye-gal said, “My house is a rating maker.”

The two have been battling since the beginning of the broadcast, but they also showed affection for each other. Ye Esther said, “The relationship seems bad, but the relationship is good, and Chemie is not bad.”

Ye Esther and Hong Hye-Gul recalled their first meeting. “I was very impressed when I first met in the emergency room,” Ye Esther said. “I was the emergency room doctor and I took over the patient when the husband interned me and talked about the patient.”

“I met by chance three to four years later at the seminar, where my husband worked as a reporter and came as a speaker. Since then, Hong’s active courtship began. 

Hong Hye-Gul said, “I visited my doctor’s hospital on the second day. Will. “

The couple then traveled with their parents. My mother-in-law said (I don’t like her because she was rich).

Hong Hye-gal said, “(Yes Esther) is not a luxury. Luxury, interior, painting, fashion, cosmetics, people who are not greedy about such things,” he said, “I am very simple and I like mouse.” Ye Esther also released a household book that has been used for decades.

Ye Esther is a doctor and CEO. “I had two sons in my mid thirties, one finger was hard to move, and it was hard to breathe.” So I studied a study that combines nutrition and environment such as functional medicine. “I ate various dietary supplements and nutritional supplements and introduced them to patients,” he added.

In the early days of business, he was criticized a lot. Ye Esther said, “I was very aroused by the professor. I felt a lot hurt, but I thought I could endure such misunderstandings if I wanted to do what I really wanted.” Is coming. I feel rewarded at that time. “

In particular, Esther was confessed that she had depression. He said, “I think it’s been in high school.” “My mother grew up with a gold spoon, so she got married and lived with her for a lifetime. So she didn’t raise her children.”

“I grew up in the hands of a nanny,” he said. “Mother always pursues elegance, fashion always preceded the season.” He also said, “I’m a princess, and I’m innumerable compared to my mother.”

Since then, Esther has been looking for her brother who passed away three years ago. My brother had a hard life inheriting his father’s business. Ye Esther, “The next time you are born, please study the command you want to do.”

“I’m a sister who has a job that saves people, but I still feel a lot of guilt for not helping my brother.” “I couldn’t stand the time alone at home,” he said. “If I go outside and laugh, I feel compelled to feel good. So I seemed to be over for the last three years.”

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