Musical actor Hwang Baul, who married Kan Mi-yeon from the group Baby Box, said, “I decided to get married and I want to make me happy.” 

Hwang Paul will have a three-year-old Kan Mi-yeon and a wedding ceremony on November 9 at Dong Sung Church in Seoul. The fruit of love that has been nurtured for three years. The wedding will take place quietly with family, relatives and close friends. 

After Hwang Paul announced his marriage with Kan Mi-yeon on the afternoon of the afternoon, he sent his testimony directly to OSEN. First of all, Hwang Paul said, “I haven’t really felt about marriage yet. 

In addition, Hwang Paul said that he had made a marriage decision with Kan Mi Yeon for three years. “I felt that I was a person who thought more and thoughtfully than me while I met for three years.” “I decided to get married because I wanted to grow up and be happy with my side.” 

Kan Mi-yeon and Hwang Paul are three-year-old couples who are known as good friends for a long time. 

Mr. Hwang said, “Maybe my girlfriend, Mr. Kan Mi-yeon had more trouble and thoughts than me before deciding to get married, but I would like to say that I am confident and grateful because of my dependence and trust. Even after we are married, we will be a lifelong partner who will be able to send our love and courage to each other. ”

Together with his marriage, Hwang Paul signed a contract with D-Most Entertainment to announce his activities in various fields. “Along with the news of the marriage, an exclusive contract with the new company D’Most Entertainment will be published. I’m happy to have another support team to work with, and I’ll do my best to show you better in more areas. ” 

Lastly, Hwang Paul said, “Thank you again for the congratulations and attention.”

In the press release, Kanmiyeon’s agency, Dreamstone Entertainment, said in a press release, “A lot of blessings are required for a beautiful wedding after a long relationship.”

Hwang Paul, 2006 SBS ‘Viva! Hwang Paul, who debuted as Freeze MC, reported on MC and reporter through various programs such as EBS ‘Live Talk Talk’, Cable Channel Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News’, KBS 2TV ‘Live Broadcast Today’, ‘Good Morning Korea’, and tvN ‘Roller Coaster’. , Has been active as an actor. Eh appeared in the musical ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop’, ‘Love in the Rain’, ‘The Taxi’, and ‘Love Playlist’. 

Kan Mi-yeon debuted as a boxbox in 1997, creating many hits and acting as a solo singer. Since then he has met fans through conversion, musicals and dramas, and was recently cast in the movie ‘Yoga Academy.’

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