On the 13th broadcast TVN drama ‘Come to the heart’ in episode 11, Oh Seon-sic (Yoo Myun Oh, Yoo In-na) was stalked by Lee Gang-joon (Kim Sook-woo).

On this day, Lee Gang – joon, a stalker, appeared before Kwon Jeong – rok (Lee Dong – wook) and Oh Sincheon. Oh sincerity showed an uneasy eye, and Kwon Jung-rok from the car said, “What is it?

Lee GangJoon said, “I thought I was a person I know, but I do not.” Oh sincerely, Kwon Jung-rok came back to the car and said, “No, I saw it wrong. Then, Kwon Jung-rok said, “I know that he is the one who made it hard for him, so I did not want to spend it,” he said, “I’m anxious to leave it alone.

After that, Oh Jin-sik confided to Lee Gang-joon about his past stalking. “It was unfair, stalked, I did not listen to him at all,” he said, “and the malicious article went on and stopped there because it was hard to bear the time.”

“I do not need to say anything anymore,” Kwon said, “Do you remember what I said before? The person who committed the crime should be hard, the person who is the victim should not be the hard one. I will make it like that, I will be happier than anyone, so do not be afraid and I will overcome.

The next day, Kwon Jeong-rok prepared a date for the playground for the sincerity. Kwon Jung-rok said, “I looked for a drama that came out of Mr. Oshin-sik, and when the male protagonist comforted the heroine, she was a playground and a beach.” Oh sincerely, “Thank you for thinking about me so far,” I was delighted.

Kwon Jung-rok said, “You do not have to work too hard. It will be difficult to overcome everything in a moment, so let’s take a look at our side.

On the other hand, the production team of the drama that Oh Jinmyou is about to appear in the company came to his company and informed that the representative of the investment company opposed the appearance of Oh Sinc. So, the representative of the company, Yeon-seok (Lee Jun-hyuk) and Oh Jin-sik went to see the representative of investment company and Lee Gang-joon appeared on the spot. Oh sincerity, Lee Gang-joon provocation, “I do not need that drama.

In the end, Oh Sincheon got off the drama, and the law firm did not go to work anymore. “I did not come to work today, I came to my client today,” he said, “I want to sue Lee Gang – joon.”

I heard the voice of Lee Gang – joon behind his heart that he had arrived at home. Lee GangJoon screamed, “Honestly, I only love you.” When Lee Gang Joon threatened Oh Sincheon, Kwon Jeong-rok came to Lee Gang-joon’s house with a feeling of suspicious and swung his fist to Lee Gang-joon. Kwon Jeong-rok warned, “Do not touch my girl.”

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