MBC broadcast on the 22nd “I live alone” is a picture of a woman who spent a day at home.

In the studio, Rainbow members first congratulated the artist on the first place. Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Jaejoong’s ‘idiot’ was an inspiration to the three idiots.” Hwaseon shook his head and said, “It is good to be an idiot. It means “pure person,” and Gion 84 laughed when he said, “Did you see me?”

Park asked the artist to sing a song before Gion 84. Hwaseon called “idiot” and Gion 84 did not know what to do.

On the day of the ceremony, she was seen lying on the bed and foraging orange juice. “I like winter very much. I prefer to eat oranges in bed rather than playing outside. Today is a purposeless healing at home. ”

He ate a mandarin orange and watched a movie. Then the painter was bored and woke up and challenged the art. He tied his head up high and made a tangerine peel from rabbit to chicken.
I was hungry while I was doing art. We boiled ramen noodles and the flower put truffle oil. “I like the food I originally felt, so I overcame truffle oil,” he said.
84, said, “Ramen noodles are the most delicious to eat according to the original recipe,” and Jeon Hyunmu said, “I used to put the ramen in ramen noodles and I ate very well,” laughed. Hwasa eats the finished ramen noodles and admires that “the flavor is different”.
The bored painter went into the room and went to the entertainment. Hwasa said, “When I was in elementary school, when I was in school, I played in front of stationery, and I wanted to do it too. Sometimes I get them at home. ” Hwaseon was angry when he was not playing well with the game. So, Sung-hoon empathized with the angry appearance and said, “If you do original entertainment, it will be like that.”

Hwaseon arranged the nails and saw the mountain wig by fastball. As Rainbow writes, “Rainbow members are like” Surprise “replay actors.” Flowers brought wigs to the studio, and Park Narae wore the wig. So Jeon Hyunmoo said, “It looks like ‘home of a legend.'” Male members also tried wigs. When Seonghun used the longest wig, members praised it as “Terius, Torrilla.”

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