On that day, Hwaseon wanted to drive long distance for the first time after obtaining a license. Hwaseon picked up his best sister, Choi Haejung, who I had known since I was a trainee, and headed to Gapyeong Jara.

Choi was calmly advised by the side for the first time that long-distance driving was possible. Hwaseon continued to drive safely with the help of Choi Soo-jung even if an unexpected situation occurred.

Choi went to talk about the debut stage of flower. I was tired of how hard I prepared for my debut as I watched the stage on stage, Hwaseon confided that he lost almost 15kg in two months. 

Hwa-sa and Choi were able to safely arrive at Jarasum, preparing their own camping dinner. Hwasee said he would make rice cakes. Choi made a soy sauce noodle, which he made for a flower maker during his time as a trainee.

Hwa-sa and Choi made a simple cake with rice cake, soy sauce noodles, and sausage. Especially, he continued to eat soy sauce noodle soup.

Hwaseon expressed his gratitude to Choi Soojung after the meal. Whenever I get hurt, I always ask for advice from Choi.

Hwasa was an invaluable benefactor who revealed an anecdote that he did not worry about eating because he was a trainee during difficult interviews with the production team.

Sung-hoon enjoys free time given after taking a picture in Singapore. Sung Hoon tried to visit a restaurant recommended by Park. The restaurant, which was recommended by Park, was a traditional market.

Seonghun puzzled and contacted Park. Park said that it was not a restaurant but a cooking class. Sung Hoon was in a hurry to join the cooking class.

Seonghun made a visit from the local people. It only took 2 hours to take a ride. Before he even learned how to cook, there appeared a car without air conditioner in front of tired Sung Hun. Sung-hoon was shocked at the fact that he had to move in a car without air conditioning in the heat of the steamer.

Cooking Class After arriving at the teacher ‘s house, Sung – hoon sweat away from various spice ingredients. Cooking class teacher liked to see such a surname and told not to go to Korea.

Sung-hoon filled the ship with a Singapore-style home and experienced a cable board at Isk Coast Park. Seonghoon learned the beginner course and boarded the cable board skillfully. So, Sung Hoon went straight to the advanced course.

Sung-hoon has repeatedly challenged members to buy cable board advanced courses. The members did not get tired after Seung Hoon’s cable board, but he continued to go on another schedule. 

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