Rainbow members were astonished at the unique sensibility of Jung Ryeo-won.

In MBC ‘I live alone’ broadcasted on the 21st, Jung Ryeo-won and Park Jae-rae, who are challenging Kim Jang, were portrayed.

On this day, Jung Ryeo-won and Park Narae started early care. It is for use when changing the early stage. In particular, it was difficult to care for the head. At first, Jung Ryeo-won and Park Na-rae were embarrassed. However, as soon as I got used to it, I was comfortable enough to talk and fish.

In addition, Jung Ryeo-won’s unique sensibility has made Park Na-rae surprised. When Jung Ryeo-won saw a group of comic strips gathered together, he revealed a sensibility (?) That seemed like a piece of work. Therefore, Park Jae Ryeon was treated as a psychopath. Jung Ryeo-won did not hesitate to take pictures. The members of Studio Rainbow were amazed at the picture of ‘early head’ shot by Jung Ryeo-won. I do not understand the emotions.

However, 844,000 of them were the only ones to have been elected. So Jeon Hyun-moo asked me not to pretend to be empathic.
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