In the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’, which was broadcasted on the night of the night, Kyung Soo Jin’s single life was revealed.

On that day, Gian 84 was ashamed of seeing Kyung Soo Jin. Gian 84 looks at Kyung Soo Jin and admires him and says, “Your face is so small. Why doesn’t bone grow?”

Following the release of Kyung Soo Jin’s house. Park said, “It’s small,” said Kyung Soo Jin’s bedroom.

Kyung-jin was ashamed of watching the VCR video. Kyungsujin said, “It’s been three months since I moved. One living room and one room.”

Kyung-jin said, “I’m good because I have things to turn around.”

Kyungsujin’s house had a terrace that was as big as the house. Kyung-jin said, “I was living in a rooftop room in my dream, but it was cold and hot when it was hot, so I decided to choose a house with a terrace.

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