On the 14th broadcast MBC “I live alone”, Ishin-Song Jin-woo’s water park outing and Nam-seong’s single life were on the air. 

On this day Ishian went to the water park with his close brother Song Jin-woo. Every year at this time I go to Water Park. Members wondered if it was too early. 

Ishian explained that he made a connection with Water Park partner Song Jin-woo as a drama ‘Modern Farmer’. Song Jin-woo, who recently became a father, announced that he had named his daughter Umi, and suddenly began to simulate the vocal cords. 

Song Jin-woo did the restless vocal simulation from ‘VJ Commando’ voice actor to Jang Hyuk. Ishian informed me that in the studio, Song Jin-woo was doing simulacrum without anyone else. 

After arriving at the water park, Ishian and Song Jin-woo moved quickly after hearing that they were closing off at 4:00 pm when they were in low season buying tickets. There were almost no waiting lines, and all of the equipment that could ride was able to ride. 

Song Jin-woo was standing next to Ishin’s, and he enjoyed the water park without moving. The members were surprised to see Song Jin-woo. Ishian told me that Song Jin-woo’s wife, Minami, told her to stop.

Min-gungmin appeared in Rainbow Live and released daily life. As soon as she woke up, she drank no water and ate bread. I really like bread. 

Min – gung entered the private gym at home and simply pulled the rubber band with a tool that was good for his neck. But he did not go to other exercise and came out to the living room. 

Min-san had time to search for various games on the laptop. I invited the staff home. For the game with the staff, I was also actively preparing for the game by finding the right place for the game. 

Min – gung made preparations to go out with open clothes like the editorial shop. The place where the southern pawn arrived was a gym. Min-soo has been confident in his past career, but he could not do it as before. 

After finishing the exercise, Minjungmin continued to struggle. Especially unlike the past, it was a disappointment to the fact that the physical strength weakened much. 

Min-gung saw the chest at the mart and returned home to eat bibimyeon. The slow – paced south pacific eats slowly ate. 

Min – gum was planning to travel to Hawaii with his staff. I packed my shoes and put my shoes in a shoe carrier to scare everyone. To protect the shoe, I made my own oral carrier. 

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