Gag woman Park Jae-rae has challenged the detoxification. 

MBC “I live alone” broadcasted on the afternoon of the 17th (17th) shows the figure of Park Narae who sends Detox Day. 

On that day, Park said, “I have been on a holiday for a long time. I do not go outside, I want to rest at home.” Park challenged self twinkle hair. I was very proud of my dexterity and attracted my attention. 

Park decided to exercise. It is 4kg. I watched fitness videos and followed them with excitement. Next, I decided to cook. The menu was ribs such as spicy cheese. Park has demonstrated his past achievements. 

One serving, but the amount was abundant. I went to an assortment of rice balls. The name ‘Hello Galbi’ was completed. 

I was satisfied with myself. Park said, “It is really delicious,” he said, “I like my cooking.” “I wanted to entertain,” he said. 

Park said, “I wanted to detox while eating a good thing.” 

On the other hand, Cho Byeong-gyu started the waxing challenge. Waxed beard. Joe Byeong-gyu shed tears. “I live so hard,” said the people who tell me to fumble. 

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