SBS drama “I love you in the beginning” (Lee Gwang-young, directed by Kim Jae-jeong), and Dae Min-ik (Kim Young-kwang), who realized his mind about Jung Kang-hee (Jinju)

On the day of the meeting, Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung) and Jeong Kang-hee confessed that they love both of them. The expectation was shrieked, and Dae – Min ‘s rivalry broke his mind. Jung Kang-hee was also distressed when he thought about his love for kissing himself.

Dae-min Lee, who met Jeong Kang-hee at work at the company, continued to avoid Jeong Kang-hee. Jung Kang-hee continued to approach Min-Ik, but he was tired of his friendship. “Your boss is not as good as you think,” he refused, saying, “I do not know what to do if you stay next to me.”

Veronica Park went to a fishing spot with an expectation, and denied that “it is not like me and me.” “I will give up if you are good, and if I say good, I will give up my taste,” he said. Veronica put out her lips, but her expectations were shaky.

I do not know the situation of Daemyiku deep sea (Jean Ariel) advised me to help the heart of Veronika Park Duminik, I went to visit the local veterinarian. Veronica Park informed Jeong Kang-hee of this fact, and Jeong Kang-hee suddenly transformed into Veronica Park and came to the cinema history. Veronica Park disguised as a secretary watched the two.

Dae-min’s rival asked Jeong Kang-hee, who transformed into a fake Veronica Park, and the real Veronica Park played a trick, saying, “My dancer likes Mr. Min-Ik as a man.” Jeong Kang-hee has hung up on her self-consciously, but she was hurt by Dankook who denied her mind. Then Veronica said, “I like it,” and I confessed to be honest, and then asked, “Are you sure we are dating?”

Returning to the company, Dae-jin decided to confess to Veronika Park, but he continued to want to see him. Eventually I visited the house of Jeong Kang-hee. “I like Veronica Park and I am avoiding it because there is such a thing,” said Jeong Kang-hee, who has been giving excuses all over the place. “I am not a good secretary, do not be sorry for me.”

Duming rival surprised me when I saw that the fingerprints of Eun Jung-su (Choi Tae-hwan) came from Carl who attacked him. However, such a visit to Jeong Kang-hee’s house was more angered by the fact that the police had taken no action. He immediately went to Jeong Kang-hee’s house and offered to stay at the hotel, but Chung Kang-hee refused.

Dae-min Lee sent a security company to Jeong Kang-hee’s house the next day and finally checked the accounting file. I believed in the word of hope that I had identified the name of the person I was expecting, but said “I do not know”. At this time, Lee (kun yeon) noticed that Dankook had seen the file and invited Jung Kang-hee to a meeting.

Jeong Kang-hee was worried about going in front of the performance hall for a long time. Jung Kang-hee, who had seen a bouquet of flowers, could not stop at all and went to Veronica Park and said, “I can not.” Then she confessed, “I am so hateful to take the general manager.”

Veronica Park said, “You are now insulting yourself, and the person who has taken away the general manager from you is the one you end up with.” Now you know, why was it a severe punishment? “Jeong Kang-hee said,” Who am I? I have to finish now, please let me talk. ”

However, Veronica Park said, “If you listen to this, you will want to pretend to be Veronica.” The two of you went to the concert hall where they were together. Then I was caught in a traffic accident.

Duming rival Jung Kanghee also knew that he had been involved in the accident and rushed to the hospital. He chose to go to a neurosurgeon with Veronika Park and an orthopedic surgeon with Jung Kang-hee, but chose Jung Kang-hee. I was relieved to hear that I found Jung Kang-hee.

On the other hand, it was revealed that secretarial team members are members of the group led by Ewang Woo.

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