n the 21st SBS drama ‘I Love You in the Grass’ on the 10th, Veronica Park (Jae Kyung Kim) and Jung Kang Hee (Jin Ji Kyu) changed their status in front of Dum Min-Ik (Kim Young-kwang).

On this day, I went to Veronica Park’s company. Veronica Park asked Jeong Kang-hee to meet with me on behalf of myself. Veronica Park informed Jeong Kang-hee that Min-Ik had arrived and Jeong Kang-hee immediately ran to Veronica Park’s company. Jeong Kang-hee was forced to play Veronica Park, and Veronica Park was wearing secretary suits.

In addition, Dae Min-ri said, “You are going to continue your marriage in my house,” he said, “the man you were talking about.” Veronica Park said, “I broke up. I think I fell out of my mind and now I want to start again as a man. “

Veronica Park said, “My delegate has not contacted me yet, but I just watch my cell phone every day. I want to see this concert together and have prepared such a ticket.” Jeong Kang-hee panicked,

In particular, Daejin Lee said, “Is your secretary really saying that you liked me as a man?” Jeong Kang-hee confessed, “I like it and I forget what I am doing.”

Jeong Kang-hee asked, “Are we dating now?” “I already have time, I’m sorry, I forgot to have a meeting today,” he said hastily.

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