In the 5th and 6th episodes of the SBS drama ‘I Love You in the Meadow’ broadcasted on the 13th, Dang Min-Ik (Kim Young-kwang) confused Jeong Kang-hee (Jinju) and Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung).

On that day, Eun Jung-su (Choi Tae-hwan) got a job as a driver of Duminkik. Previously, Jung Jae-suh had a surprise attack on the immigration, and an accident occurred at that time, and the facial room was certified. 

After that, I met up with Eun Jung-soo and said “Are you seeing me?” In addition, it was revealed that Dae-min Lee met with Jung-su, near the scene on the day of the accident.

The police found the anticipation, and the anticipation was at this time along with the income. The police said, “Most of the people who want to kill are people I know and I’m close.” And expectantly, “I have to reveal if there are any suspicious parts. I will tell you. I went to see you. No matter how you call, Minhyuk will not answer the phone, so I came back because I was worried about what happened, and if you thought that person was the killer, you should take a good look. ” 

According to the expectant quotes, the lenders at the time lent money to Eun Jung-su. I believed in the words of hope and asked me not to investigate the case any more.

In addition, Deep Sea (Jang Ae Ri) proposed to Dae Myung Ik to see Veronica Park and Zen.

“If you do not like a woman, I will sit down with you, but I promise you that if you grow up and give it to your mother, it will be good for you.”

Especially, the place where confrontation with Veronica Park which is ripe is divergent, and An Jung Kang-hee called Veronika Park and expectation was expected in the place where Veronika Park went out.

Veronica Park realized that she had made a mistake in her mistakes and said, “If you accidentally get tangled up on your staff, that’s the tango, you know? My favorite movie ambassador. I think it will be. “

Jeong Kang-hee ran to a place where he had no choice but to misjudge Veronica Park as soon as he saw Jeong Kang-hee. Jeong Kang-hee did not misunderstand, “I was tempted to sit in a chair that I was deprived of and I wanted to know. I thought about how this man treats a woman other than me. ‘ 

“I’m seeing you soon,” said Dae – Min Lee, who asked for a handshake. I am the one who changed my life. ” In the end, Jeong Kang-hee started acting like Veronica Park and raised the tension of the drama.

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