In the 37th ~ 40th episode, which was broadcast on the 27th, “I Love You When I’m Sad”, the highest rating was 10.8% (nationwide Nielsen Korea).

On this day, Seo Jung-won (Ji Hyun-woo) met with Kang In-wook (Ryu Soo-young) and threatened to report to the press if Yunmari (Park Han-bum) and her mother assaulted him. Inok asked Mari to stay with her, choose to go to the garden, and Mari said, “I have lived in fear and anxiety. I will die if I am in the same world as you. ” Inevitably, Inok had no choice but to let Marie go.

Inouk prepared a divorce agreement with Mari. She sent the divorce papers to Marie through the garden, called Marie and told the two of them to enter the divorce court and finish the relationship. Marie said, “I am the one that I started, so I should finish it.”

However, Inok did not let Marie go. But Marie said, “I do not believe your words anymore.” Look into the bottom of anger and hatred. We can overcome it and we can fix the disease. ” Inok, who confirmed Mari’s heart, took Mary to a field outside the court. In that place, Inuk tried to shoot his eyes with a gun, saying, “Even if I leave my eyes, I will love you and stay with me.”

Marie’s paper restrained her to injure her eye area. The two men were transferred to the emergency room because Marie was reported to 119 before she was lost. Marie, who felt an unexpected feeling, rushed out of the hospital and met the gardens.

Inok, who got out of the emergency room, went to the hospital in the garden. The garden and Inok went to the rooftop of the hospital. Inok, who is captivated by madness, said, “This is a problem that either Marie and I must die if either one of them die.” If you want Mari to be safe, you can kill me. Then Marie is free. ” Then he said to push himself off the roof. “The happy ending is in your hands,” said the gardener, “why do not you see the tears that are shed for you because you love your wife?”

The two men began to struggle, and Iniuk caught himself in the garden and shouted to kill himself. At that moment Mari and the police appeared. In the end, it was revealed to the whole world that Inwook was arrested by the police and has been involved in domestic violence. Inok, who had fallen to hell, also revealed his father ‘

Everything was over and peace seemed to arrive, but Inok’s last vigor began. Inok abducted Marie from the garden house and headed to the villa. He was going to die with Marie with the gun his mother used to commit suicide. When Inok, who had seen Mari from behind, tried to shoot the gun, Inuk was suffering from tinnitus, Inok, who was trying to catch Mari, accidentally shot herself into a gun and fell into the pool at the villa.

The garden that followed Inoung had a grazing land. I saw this, and I sprang out of the water and pointed at the garden, and Marie grabbed power and was shot in place of the garden. “I want to be born as a man who knows how to love when she is born again,” Inok said, shortly before being arrested by the police.

The garden participated in the operation of the gunshot wound. He remembers Marie ‘s memories and says, “You have to live. Come through me through the dark tunnel. Be sure to come back to me. ”

Marie is in a healthy state, talking about gardening and gardening in her garden ‘I love when I’m sad’. The two men said, “The most brilliant time in our lives is the moment when we warmly meet our loved ones. Even when you are sad, I love you. ”

On the other hand, the first broadcast on February 23, ‘I love you when I’m sad’ is a work that was formally remake of ‘Beautiful Man’ by Nojima Shinji, who was aired on TBS in 1999. Love is real but true love is a tough age. The melodrama of men and women visiting. Ji Hyun-woo, Park Han-hee, Ryu Soo-young, Wang Eun-na, etc., won the audience’s attention by showing their presence in the fierce competition of the weekend.

‘I love you when I’m sad’ followed by Lee Yewon, starring Yu-tae MBC special drama ‘I’m Mong’ is broadcast.

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