Kim Tae-woo, who became the target of all as the center of the money for the Comintern, and the two men who touched in Manchuria, made the ancestral theater come alive with the introduction of the independence movement that crosses the border.

Lee Young-jin (Lee Yo-won) and Kim Won-bong (Yoo Jae-tae) directed to Manchu to meet Yoo Tae-joon (Yoon Tae-woo) were portrayed in MBC weekend drama ‘I-mong’

Kim Won-bong, who pursued Lee Young-jin, studying in Shanghai. Kim Won – bong, who sees Kim Seung – jin (Kim Joo – young) who came to see him, tries to find Lee Young – jin on the way, but Lee Young – jin expelled him from Kim Won – bong, Kim Won-bong, who had gone to meet the two bosses of the secret detention center of China, Kim Won-sang, heard about Kim Seung-jin from his assistant Jin Seong-il (Jung Sung Il) and came to kidnap him.

Fukuda (Im Ji-hwan) also headed to Shanghai in response to Kim Seung-jin’s move. Woong Sung, who followed Fukuda and Kim Wonbong, kidnapped Lee Young-jin, who was at the center of the two men, saying, “Maybe you could endanger him.” Kim Won-bong, who got to know it, came to the headquarters of Cheongbang with a simple blood stream and started to bloody and formed tension. Lee Young – jin (Lee Sun – jin), who had pulled out the gun, pulled his eye out of his ability to take a gun after taking control of him in a moment. And Kim Won – bong, who saw Lee Young – jin, who was very good at guns, started to have doubts about him.

However, Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong, At this time, Wolseong said to Kim Won-bong that Lee Young-jin does not have any relationship with Lee Young-jin, and surprised him by saying, “Lee Young-jin is already going to be crazy or pretty good.” Wolseong tried to kill Kim Won-bong, but after that, Kim Nam-ok (Cho Bok-rae), who had been waiting for the timing, flew away and surprised everyone. “It is hard for opponents of the present to cope with cheongbang. But only one person. It is enough to send the enemy’s boss to hell, “said Kim Won-bong, who confronts Wolseong.

Afterwards, Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong concealed each other’s intentions and began to cooperate to focus attention. Lee Young-jin decided to catch his hand after listening to Kim Won-bong’s firm belief in Korean independence that “my descendants will not live in imperialist slavery in a desolate land where language and tradition have disappeared.” However, Lee Young-jin from Kim Gu (Yu-habok) said, “Let’s get as close as possible to Kim Won-bong. “Said Lee Yong-bong,” while Lee Young-jin is on time. It is a potential risk. ” Thus, the two men facing Yoo Tae-joon in Manchur were drawn to each other, which prompted curiosity about future development.

In the meantime, the face of the characters revealing the creepy black character was revealed and caused the creeps. When Lee Young-jin’s father, Lee Jong-jin, who was regarded as a good man, heard that the president of the governor’s office had decided to appoint another person as his successor and poisoned him, Oda I came to attach surveillance. Matsuura threatened him with a picture of Oda, enjoying the pleasure, demanding information sharing, and asked Kenta (An Shin-woo), chief of police, to pack up a special team. As such, the figure of the person who does not choose the means and the method for his power and survival is revealed intensely, and interest is gathered how they will be entangled.

On the other hand, “I-mong” is a spy action drama spread by a Korean-born doctor Lee Young-jin, who grew up in the hands of Japanese in the background of the Japanese colonial rule, and Kim Won-bong, Every Saturday 9:05 pm broadcast.

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