On this day, Kwon Jung-rok said carefully to Oh Yoon-seo, “I want to do as much as I care and comfort me.” Oh Yun-seo said, “Does that mean I have become more special than before?” In the question of Oh Yoon-seo, Kwon Jung-rok nodded. The unexpected reaction was very shocking to me.

Kwon Jeong-rok then sent a letter to Oh Yoon-seo saying, “Take a rest for tomorrow.” Oh Yun – seon misunderstood that Kwon Jung – rok would soon confess to himself, and even though he waited a day, he was completely disappointed when he did not react. Because of that, Oh Yun – seung called Kwon Jung – rook and confessed, “The lawyer is a real bad person.”

Kwon Jung-rok, who received a phone call without knowing the English language, told Kim Sang-woo, “A man told me that he was a special person for a woman. It meant that I wanted to get to know each other. Whose fault is it? ” Kim Sang-woo then noticed that Kwon Jung-rok’s story was his story, and soon he advised him, “It’s a man’s fault.

The next day, Kwon Jeong-rok searched for what Oh Yoon-seo liked to solve her mind when Oh Yun-sa did not go to the law firm. Then he learned that Oh Yoon-seo liked chicken bow and hand letter, and handed his little hand letter to Oh Yoon-seo. Oh Yun-seo was very happy with the short phrase “Let’s love us” and embraced Kwon Jung-rok.

Kwon Jung – rok said, “It ‘s one day from today,” he said to Oh Yoon – seo and suggested an evening date. Therefore, Oh Yun – seo waited for Kwon Jung – rok while decorating his clothes, and when he called Kwon Jung – rok that he would not keep his promise, he could not hide his disappointment and replied, “I will not do one today.

After that, Kwon Jung-rok and Oh Yun-se heard from the President of the Federation of the Republic of Korea, such as Chuncheon, The Fed chief instructed Choi to support his work for a while in order to break down Oh Yoon – seo and Kwon Jung – rock. Oh Yun – seo wanted Kwon Jung – rok to listen to his side, but Kwon Jung – rok, who wanted to do various tasks with Oh Yoon – seo, allowed the proposal of the President of the Republic of Korea.

Oh Yun – seo was humiliated by actor Hwang Do – Du (Hwang Bo – ra) who faced a law firm. She said she was looking for a law firm for a divorce suit and said to her, “Do you think the world is so loud and you get caught in a lawsuit, your life is a mechanism? I hurt the feelings of.

Ohn Yun-seo wanted to be encouraged by Kwon Jung-rok, but Kwon Jung-rok gave a logical answer without notice. Kwon Jung-rok, who came back from the car late in the night, said, “I am sorry, I am a slow person, I will go step by step at my own pace. ”

On the other hand, in the end of the broadcast on this day, Kwon Jeong-rok embraced his sincerity, and after the figure saying “I like it.

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