KBS 2TV ‘Infinite Masterpieces’ broadcasted on the 20th invited Kim Yeonja, who received a hot love in Korea and Japan, as a legend, with a special feature of 400 times. The first one was composed of Kim Yeonja ‘s song, and the second one was decorated with a Korean song feature that Japanese like.

On that day, Ben chose Kim’s “mercury lamp”, which was loved in Korea and Japan. “” Mercury “is a sad song, but because it is a pretty melody, it was so good to me that I was so greedy.” In addition, he said, “I researched my father,” he said, “I have looked like my father and his voice are similar to each other.” He said, “I will try to use my legendary feelings well.” On the stage of Ben who made a small but strong force, he poured out the admiration of “filling the stage with one voice” and “ingle”.

The Pentagon, “I will use the glory of the second family,” came on the stage for the second time. The Pentagon prepared Kim ‘s “In the Country of the Morning”, the closing performance of the 88 Seoul Olympics. On the stage reinterpreted in the color of the Pentagon alone, the Pentagon captivated the eye with ‘Taekwondo performance’.

“It was so beautiful,” Kim said, adding, “On the stage of Ben, I praised him as” I was so beautiful. “He said,” It was so touching and cool, I am going to be a fan today. “

Of the 1,000 global judges, 723 selected Ben. Ben became the first Japanese winner.

The third stage is the global musical star Min Woo Hyeok. Min Woo-hyun, who chose Kim Yeonja’s “Ten Minutes” as a contest song, arranged a trot genre original song with a sensuous dance song, further heightening the atmosphere and playing an exciting stage capturing the hearts of both Korean and Japanese audiences.

Kim said, “I am very happy,” and said, “It is a song that started to work again in our country. But Min-hyuk did not break Ben.

Jung Dong-ha, the most famous winner of the “Endless Famous Songs,” was also on the stage. I chose ‘Do not make a sad face’ by Song Chang-sik, a remake of Kim Jae-ja, He said, “I have always tried to show a new stage in the ‘endless masterpieces’.” But this time, I prepared my own sincere, concise stage. ” I was captivated by Japanese fans with explosive singing power. Sohn Seung-yeon praised “It was the best selection and arrangement that fit so well for Chung Dong-ha.”

Kim said, “I asked for your permission directly from Song Chang Sik, and I was impressed by his passionate and explosive singing ability.” But he did not break Ben’s record.

The Japan-Japan joint project group Aizu won prepared the popular ‘Amor Party’ so far. In particular, Yabuki NAKO, Miyawaki Sakura, and Hitomi Honda, Japanese members of Aizu One, declared that their parents came to the audience and decided to “tremble but work hard”.

Aizu One’s “Amor Party” attracted attention with fresh arrangements in a different atmosphere from the original. A lovable and powerful knife was outstanding.

After four years of the presentation, ‘Amor Party’, which was a reverse song, brought Kim Young-ja’s second life. Kim said, “It is a glorious song for me, and it is a song that gives me courage and strength when I am a singer.” Thank you for your love, “said Ulkuk with his voice and sincerity. But Aizu Won did not break Ben’s rise.

So the last stage was a monster vocals Son Seung-yeon scrambled. Son Seung Yeon, who was transformed from ‘super rookie’ to ‘superstar’ through ‘immortal masterpieces’, made an extraordinary decision to announce his voice to the Japanese archipelago through this stage.

Son Seung Yeon chose Kim Yeonja’s “Relaxation”. Son Seung Yeon filled the stage with powerful singing skills as well as sadness. Kim said, “It was a different song because I put new clothes on the song. It was really cool.”

In the end, Ben became the winner of the 400th feature in ‘Olly’.

Kim said, “It is a great honor for me to invite Kim Yeon – ja to the special feature of Japan, and I felt that my younger singer ‘s song was very good.

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