MBC TV drama ‘Item’ (drama jungido / directing Kim Sung-wook) broadcast March 26 broadcasted a subway accident that Kanggon (Ju Ji Hoon) dreamed in reality. Among them, Kanggon blocked the train just before the collision, and the vacation material (Kim Min-kyo) saved Shin So-yeong (Jin Seon-yeon) from the building. And Ha, Seung – Neok (Hwang Dong – joo) used a bracelet to take a picture of Kang – gon, which had an inner glaze, and headed for the overturned train and expected a different end from the foreseeable future.

Therefore, I have pointed out the problem that needs to be solved in the ‘item’ which leaves only one week to the end.

#One. Can I stop the subway accident that is not over yet?

From the first time, the dream of Ganggon captivated viewers with huge scale. As a message to the future he saw in the Dream Tower, it became clear that his dream was a dream. Ganggon was able to set up a plan to prevent the tragedy in advance, and went to Josin (Kim Kangwoo branch) to take out all the items and headed for Jeongjin station. Thanks to the power of the bracelet, the train was blocked, and all of the item trackers gathered to rescue people in the overturned train. However, the situation has not been predicted, and it is predicted that this is not the end of the tax evasion plan to create more victims than Dream World. Can the Ganggon and the Item Trackers enter the train to save more people and completely prevent an unfinished subway accident?

#2. Can I go to the room of wishes and rescue Shinrin?

Ganggon had to stop pacing for the room of the wish for a moment to prevent the subway tragedy. So I went to see the body of Dain kept in the National Diet and said, “Daina people will be in great danger. To save those people, my uncle must go. We’ll get those people and we’ll get to the dyne soon. So please wait a little longer. ” And the time was a little delayed, but all the items of Tax Hwang were taken out and the probability of going to the room of wish was higher. Can Ganggon collect all the items to go to the room of Wishes and revive Daein and go back to the peaceful everyday life?

# 3. Absolute tax hwanghwang, people are not revealed to the public?

Dreamworld tax incidents caused by the devastating earthquake in Dream World. It was just for his pleasure. “It’s your father Kim Tae-koo, And the killer of this Jeongjin station case is you. No, Sung Kyu Kim. Is it a parallel theory or a negative one? ” Therefore, all the crimes committed by Ganggon are overwhelmed and the interest of the audience is focused on whether or not the criminal who is moving up to the media can be revealed from the remaining developments and all the prices for the actions that have been done.

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