On March 18, MBC’s new monthly drama ‘Items’ saw that Josha Hwang (Kim Kang Woo) had a psychic bracelet with his nephew Kang Dae-in (Jung Ji Hoon).

Shin So – young (Jean Seon Yeon) visited Dongyoung (Park Won – sang) priest. So Young said, “If you do not have any medicine, you can not sleep well. “I have to try to reduce the nervous stabilizer,” he said.

Sooyoung said, “Are you all right now? I seem to have the same day and time, but people have already forgotten everything.”

Kangdain was harassed by friends at school. When friends tried to take away the dyne’s goods, a superhuman strength appeared in the bracelet the dyne was wearing.

Ganggon went to Shin So-young and asked, “Was there anything strange as a professor of Kim Jae-jun’s case?” Shin said, “It is different from ordinary crime.”

When asked why Ganggon hid the body in the high place, Shin Xiaoyuan said, “It is not a secret, but an exhibit.” The crime is becoming more and more bold. Sooyoung delivered the profiling data to Ganggon.

Jose Huang (Kim Kang Woo) was able to find out where the bracelet was from the Polaroid photograph. Ancient Jae-hyun (Lee Jung-hyun) also learned that Kang Tae-in had a bracelet. Later in the night, the ancient soul angered Ganggon and Daein near the house where they live together, saying, “I will kill them all.”

The ancient number was walking toward the house of Kanggon. At this time, the enemies of the Sanghwang appeared and suppressed the ancient number. I witnessed this. The soldiers of the Joseon Dynasty drove Ganggong and the ancient number.

The police were dispatched and the ancient man fled. But the ancient number was caught by a questioning man who had a superpower whip and fell off the high ground. Kang also witnessed a man with a laser whip. He ran upstairs and a man with a whip stood on the rooftop. He was drivingly a priest. He tried to kill him by whipping him to Ganggong. At this time, Shinin Ah appeared.

“What was it you did to have my stuff?”

The driving spirit who tried to kill Ganggon stopped knowing that his young nephew Sininah was watching this scene.

Ancient number of ceremonies has returned. Ganggon headed to the hospital where the ancient saint was hospitalized to find out the clues of the incident. However, the taxpayer sought an ancient veterinary room ahead of him and made him into a vegetative state.

And then Joseph went to the house where Dae was alone. Dain tried to make a video call to Ganggong but soon Joseph Hwang broke his cell phone.

Later, Ganggong arrived but after Jose Huang had disappeared, Daein had lost consciousness and fell.

Dain was transferred to the hospital. The doctor said, “Pulse and respiration are back in cardiac arrest, but it is a vegetative state.” Kanggon discovered that the pattern seen from the arms of the ancient veterans was engraved on the arms of Dain, and he realized that it was the act of the same man.

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