In the 21st and 22nd episodes of the MBC drama ‘MBC drama’ broadcast on the 18th, Ganggon (Ji Ji Hoon) and Shin So Young (Ji Seon Yeon) were shown to break out of vacation material (Kim Min-kyo).

On this day, Janggon and Shin Soo – young escaped the vacation material to come to the items that vacation residents knew, and came to the cathedral of Dae – young (Park Won – sang).

Kanggon was angry and caught the jasmine of the vacation material because the vacation student did not know where the item was. The vacation home calmed down the river and asked to see how his escape news came to the news.

In the news, Han Yu-na (Kim Yu-ri) was making an emergency investigation about Ganggong. Han, I was told by Kim Sang – woo (Kim Gang – woo) that Gang – gon is Kim Seong – gyu, the son of Kim Taek –

The situation of Ganggong was getting worse. Shin Soo-young was aware of the fact that Jin-bum was not taxed by Kim-tae-gu but he tried to persuade him to get another item as soon as possible.

I went to the place where there was an item with Shin So – young. The vacation material opened the cover of the bookmarked house in a shabby house. Shin Soo-yeong was not able to check the field inside the Jangdok University. I took out the zipper bag that I had hidden in the chapel and showed the items.

At that time, the people who had been sent by Choshi Hwang appeared. Shin has said that if he has a special ability for vacation, it is time to write. The vacation material used a hat and transformed into an invisible person, which disrupted taxi sangs.

Jose Hwang went directly to driveyoung. The Driving Spirit tried to dispose of the tax, but suddenly the light lost power. Joshi Hwang took the item of the driving star out of the gap.

The driving spirit collapsed. Ji Hwang smiled as he watched the agony of suffering.

Ganggon appeared late and rushed to Joshi Huang. Jose Hwang was quick to knock down Ganggon at once and wear items that were taken away from him. Jose Hwang moved to another world. It was the ability to go to another world once the items were combined.

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