On the 8th, MBC Everyone’s ‘Early Korea’s First’ is depicted by Australian brothers Blair’s brothers Meg and Caitlyn enjoying their trip with their boyfriend.

Blair took the couple to a place where they could grill pork belly outdoors. When everyone laughed and laughed, Blair and Josh’s awkward currents were captured. Meg’s boyfriend Josh didn’t look at Blair and remained calm. Blair was awkward too. Caitlin was worse than he asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Blair then asked Josh to follow the soju and said, “In Korea, I’m Meg’s brother, so I’m high in rank. . Josh smiled at the absurdity and then politely followed the drink. The two had a softer appearance while drinking.

In an interview with the crew, Josh said, “Blare can be a really comfortable fit. I don’t have to worry about my future brother.” Blair also expressed her affection, saying, “Josh is now my family.

The next day, two Australian couples headed out in an unusually excited fashion at the Gwangjang Market. The relief mall was a planned course for two men who were interested in clothes. The day was visited to shop for vintage clothing. Josh and Matthew said in a preliminary interview, “I really like vintage style,” “I heard Koreans are very interested in fashion, so I’m looking forward to a vintage clothing store in Korea.”

Arriving at the bazaar in the Plaza Mayor, Australian couples began storm shopping. Here, Meg and Josh have been sweet sweethearts. The two vowed to carry each other’s bags and picked each other’s clothes.

Caitlin and Matthew, on the other hand, had different tastes. Matthew liked the black T-shirt and refused to like the shirt Caitlin picked out. Caitlyn regretted that Matthew was tricky. Caitlin was a big ship. Even though Matthew picked up achromatic clothes, he relieved himself with infinite praise. As a result, the Caitlin-Matthew couple bought a total of fourteen and surprised everyone. Matthew was pleased to say, “Honestly, how would I buy it if Brisbane.”

The couple then headed for Hongdae Street. Matthew liked the unique atmosphere of Hongdae Street. Here, however, Matthew and Josh laughed in the form of a real boyfriend when their girlfriends entered the shoe store and ran away and said, “I’m hungry.” The couple went to a convenience store and had a snack time with cup noodles and sweets.

In particular, the two sisters wanted to go with their boyfriends in Hongdae. The first place on the tour was a cafe with a girl’s sensibility, and Meg and Caitlin were looking forward to visiting her boyfriend. When the cafe entrance was visible, Meg happily led his boyfriend, saying, “Welcome to the women’s romance.” This is where two sisters left hundreds of life shots from their last visit to Korea.

But unlike the two excited sisters, the boys were bewildered the moment they entered the cafe. Matthew saw a bunch of cafes and said, “I can’t believe it.” He couldn’t hide his embarrassment. Meanwhile, Josh, who ate the food he ordered, confessed to him, “I feel like I’ve put my masculinity in a pink room.” Then, after seeing Meg, he said, “Here is the best cafe for women.” Matthew and Josh took a sincere life shot for their girlfriends.

Finally, the couple stopped by Meerkat Café. Caitlin didn’t want to go in fear of Meerkat. But Meg’s strong recommendation eventually led to Meerkat Cafe. Melted by the cute animals, Caitlyn soon adapted. Meg thanked Caitlyn, “I’m so happy to be with you.” This unusual cafe experience ended. The four stopped by Blair’s recommended chicken ribs for a nice dinner.

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