The girl group climbed to the top for the shortest period and predicted a gust.

ITZY took the first place in the cable channel Mnet ‘M countdown’ on the 21st. He made his debut in two weeks and was the first among the domestic girl groups to record first place.

ITZY released its digital single album ‘IT’z Different’ on December 12 and started to work with the title song ‘Dada Dalla’. Wonder Girls, Mt. Ai, and Twice have been born, and have received much attention since their debut as a new member of group name JYP Entertainment.

ITZY, which was unveiled in anticipation, quickly formed a fandom with solid skills and brilliant visuals. Without the pre-debut period, members were exposed before the debut, and Seol Ryun, who appeared in ‘Six Nine’, Shin Ryu Jin of ‘Mix Nine’, Lee and Yuna, Dragged.

His debut song “Dalda Dalla” also cruised on the charts, and the top athletes of the musicals, winning the top prize, and proved the birth of the “monster rookie”.

It is not merely a subject of large-scale agency, but it has attracted attention with its own charm from its birth to its activity, and it is growing in popularity in a short period of time.

ITZY is continuing the popularity gesture by replacing the records of the senior managers of the company. In 2019, ITZY, one of the hot rookies, continues its struggle to capture the public with another attraction.

JYP new girl group ITZY appeared surprised.

In Mnet ‘Super intern’ broadcasted on February 21, the final successful candidate came to work as a full-time employee, and this was revealed through the conversation of girl group ITZY.

The final successful candidate has not yet been decided, and after the announcement of the final acceptance of the super intern in February 2019, the new girl group ITZY was able to talk about the final successful candidate.

They appeared in daily conversations in front of elevators. Member Yuna replied, “I’ll go home and scramble an egg.” Then Liah replied, “Then I will buy a bread.” Yuna said, “I also have strawberry jam and peanut butter.”

After watching the cameras installed in the elevator, they said, “Are we still super intern? I asked the final successful person? ” Ryujin said, “I saw it in front of the parking lot. I felt like an entertainer, “he said. Yehji said, “I wish I could build up our plan.”

The new girl group ITZY is surprised, and it confirms the worker’s full-time admission of the successful candidate of the super intern, and wondered who will be the final successful candidate.

ITZY received the first trophy in the cable channel Mnet ‘M Countdown,’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 21st. It was the first time since the debut song “Dalda Dalla” was released at 6 pm on December 12.

ITZY has been on the official SNS since the ‘M Countdown’ broadcast. “Thanks to all the fans who loved ITZY, ITZY made their debut at Mnet M Countdown. Thank you very much! I will be ITZY who is working harder now without changing my mind! ”

‘Duldara’ is a new ‘Fusion Groove’ track that breaks the existing K-pop format with 5 members of a special personality meeting and creating a unique combination. EDM, house, hip-hop, and other genres. The lyrics point to the tastes of the individualities of this age who are looking for reason and meaning in the content that respects and loves the ‘I’ in the center of the world. It has a sound and a message to meet the charm of ‘Tin Crush’ and ‘Girl Crush’ that the public expected.

ITZY has been attracting attention as a group to join Twice as a new girl group launched in JYP Entertainment in 4 years. It seems that the special feeling of utilizing the charm of each member is getting a good response to music fans.

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