MBC EveryOne ‘City Police: KCSI’, which aired on the 26th, depicts the scenes of Jo Jae-yun, Cheon Jung-myung and Lee Tae-hwan’s incidents.

On this day, Lee Tae-hwan received news from Detective Jang Dae-young saying that a substance was suspected to be a human organ in the manhole. “I went to the scene and thought, ‘What can I do?’

Lee Tae-hwan prepared for the dispatch, fearing that “if the human organs are right, it could be a huge event like serial murder.” But soon it turned out that it was misreported that it was supposed to be something other than human organs.  

Later, Jae-yoon Cho and Cheon Jeong-myung went to the site of the collapse of the outer wall of Jamwon-dong building. Cheon Jung Myung said, “It’s a frequent pass, but I was worried about the accident.” “I thought, ‘What are you feeling?’ And I was curious about what you were doing and how you acted.” Cho Jae-yun said, “I wanted to survive the biggest idea was.”

The two arrived at the scene and watched the rescue. Cheon Jung Myung said, “I wanted to help the firefighters with the whole body to block the scene.” Jo Jae-yoon, “in the barricaded scene of the collapse site, I felt that I would save people while leaving me.”

After returning to the office, the two did not take their eyes off the case, checking the news.

The next day, Cho Jae-yun and Lee Tae-hwan appeared in the arson case. Lee Tae-hwan also said, “I was unfamiliar and nervous.” “Let’s know how and when the fire will occur because the oil is sprayed on site,” said the director, “it must be thoroughly on-site preservation.”

While on the scene, Lee Tae-hwan asked Detective Cho Young-hoon, “What do you do when the suspect is caught?” Detective Joe replied, “Inspect the oil and verify that it matches the statement.” 

The two began to identify themselves by meticulously filming the scene. Jo Jae-yoon “(Fire of fire) is a big sin. I think it is the same as drunk driving.”

Lee Tae-hwan went inside the arson site and continued to take photographs. “I went into the polyline, but the gasoline smelled so bad and I couldn’t breathe, so my head hurts and dizziness,” he said.

Detective Jae-seok Lee later found a liquid suspected of oil, and the KCSI team conducted a bequest. Jo Jae-yun, who watched this, said, “It was the first fire detection dispatch.

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