Ten years since debut. It was 30 years old this year. It is ahead of the military. Still, it is still bright. Jang Dong-woo, who is full of energy, left ‘BYE’ for his fans.

Jang Dong-woo held a showcase and a press conference to commemorate the launch of ‘Solo Mini’ 1st ‘BYE’ at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 4th. Jang Dong Woo set the stage for the title song ‘NEWS’ and the song ‘PARTY GIRL’ for the first time.

Jang said to the reporter, “I am so thankful. I think it’s important for people to get older. ”

Jang said, “This year I was thirty years old. I feel different every time I grow up. Today, this microphone is really simple, and I think, ‘What if I did not have it?’ When I write lyrics, I think of various thoughts and moments. “I met many composers to make this album, and I really felt that people were precious. I was 29 years old last year and 30 years old this year. I was an Energizer from Infinite. So I thought it would not feel different, but this seems to be the right thing. ”

◆ Thirty-year-old idol

Jang Dong-woo, who made his debut with Infinite in 2010, showed great interest in his first solo album. Jang said, “I really prepared for a long time. I was in production and it was really hard. It was difficult to collect songs and catch the mood itself. Finally, I was able to come out like this because my dad helped me. ”

The album of Infinite and Jang Dong-woo is quite different. Explain that Jang Dong-woo’s color is so thick.

Jang Dong-woo said, “I also had my solo sound on the infinite album. At that time, hip-hop was the focus. This time I tried various in hip hop. The music I wanted to show. I went deep into infinite music and other hip-hop. ”

The title of this album is ‘BYE’. It means the farewell to the fans after the album is in operation and the military is scheduled. The second meaning is ‘Beside You Every moment’ that you will always be by your side. In this regard, Jang Dong-woo said, “Even if we take a long separation, it means we will always be by our side. When I missed or missed it, I added that I wanted to wait while listening to my voice. ”

When asked about his confidence in vocals, Jang Dong-woo said, “When I made Infinite, I thought that the target of the company representative was TVXQ. So all the members wanted to make vocals possible. So I also played the role of putting a chord by lead vocal Sung Gyu-hyung, starboard side. I continued to do that part, “he said.” It was really hard to sing this time alone. I’ll show you some vocal parts, and I’ll show you performance. ”

◆ Confident Idol

Jang Dong – woo, who had a lot of affection for the title song ‘BYE’, was very concerned about the visual aspect.

Jang Dong-woo “I took a see-through costume. I was worried about how to hide here (nipple), “he said. Maybe the broadcast will be deliberated, “he was worried.

About body management “I often exercise because I like. My favorite thing is cross fits. The part I want to show in my body is the buttocks. It is an important part when you choreographed and made your body in order to receive a lower body. ”

Jang Dong-woo, who is planning to join the military this year, said, “It will be announced on March 8th. If I pass, I have to go to the army, “he laughed.” The first notice came out in September last year. So I went this year. This year, I go unconditionally, “he asked the album goal,” I would like to listen to the top 100 music charts only one song. I would like you to listen to my music more than the truth. I want to get ratings for each song, not the whole album. ”

Jang Dong-woo’s solo mini-album ‘BYE’ will be released at 6 pm today.

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