JTBC ‘Chocolate’ (played by Lee Kyung-hee and director Ham Young-hoon) was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 11th.

Seunghun turned his head to the question, “I think I knew for sure, but I can’t think.” Lee Kang received a phone call from Jun. “Is it lunch?” When I saw the baking bowl in the kiln, I asked, “Have you ever made ceramics?” Following the question, “I don’t have anything I can’t do. So I ate rice. I made it.” 

“I should eat pork belly with soju,” Kang said, “I’ll buy you.” “What did you get me?” Jun said “Let’s go to Lee Jong-woo, I’m very displeased my mother sitting in the moving agency. So people who can be friendly to you.” “Why do you tell me that?” Jun asked again “do not like”. 

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