On April 12, Jung Yu-mi’s ace factory said, “I’m deeply sorry for the DHC headquarters’ remarks.”

Japanese cosmetics brand DHC depreciated the boycott of peace and the Japanese boycott in Japan on the 10th through DHC TV’s current affairs program, “ Truth and Donor Mon News. ” It also spread fake news that distorted history that Japan made and distributed Hangeul. As the DHC’s ‘rogue’ became known, sparks sprang up to Jung Yu-mi, a model in Korea.

In the end, Yumi expressed deep regret for DHC headquarters ‘remarks and said, “We signed a beauty model contract between DHC KOREA and Jeong Yumi in 2018. However, we felt serious about the DHC headquarters’ remarks and withdrew Jungyumi’s use of portrait rights. And asked to halt model activity. ”

Jung Yu-mi and his agency’s decision was a super precipitation with “penalties.” The exact length of the contract was not known, but Jeong Yu-mi and DHC have left the contract for a considerable time. It is common practice to pay a penalty if you close the contract and leave the contract.

However, the DHC side made an unforgivable statement toward Korea, and Jung Yumi requested the withdrawal of use of the model right and the suspension of model activities in consideration of its seriousness. Jung Yumi said, “We are waiting for the DHC’s response on the details (penalty, etc.).”

Once Yumi’s withdrawal of portrait rights is mostly accepted. Except for the event column, all the photos of Jeong Yumi have been deleted from the official website of DHC. Jung Yumi also deleted all SNS posts included in the model contract.

There are still some areas to be resolved, including penalties. Jung Yumi told Sporty News, “Withdrawal of the portrait rights has been accepted and resolved. The picture is still being deleted. However, there is still some area to be cleaned up.”

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