Kim Young-kwang, Jinji Koo of SBS New Wolhwa drama “I Love You” (played by Kim Jae-jung, director Lee Gwang-young) appeared on SBS Radio Power FM ‘Choi Tae-jung’s Power Time’

Kim Young-kwang has made progress on “I love you in the beginning” about the first broadcast, “I have taken a lot of pictures since last January.” He expressed his expectations for his work, saying, “This spring, romantic comedies seem to go well with me.”

Kim Young-kwang, who met Jin Ji-koo for the first time through “I love you in the beginning,” recalled the situation of the meeting, saying, “I did not know it was the main character of the drama until the meeting.” He said, “While Jeju is very feminine, Jeong Kang-hee of ‘I love you in the beginning’ is a tomboy, so at first he laughed, ‘I was worried that Jinju would fit well with Jang Ga-hee.’

Jinji also expressed his feelings for the first time with Kim Young-kwang. He said, “Kim Young-kwang is very pleasant, I can not speak well when I first meet someone, I just listen to what the other person is talking about.” Jing Kee said, “Kim Young-kwang led the conversation well from the beginning and worked well with the staff.”

The aspirations of Jinju and Kim Young-gwang, who put the first broadcast in front of their nose, were different. “I want to be a masterpiece of romance comedy,” said Gene. “If ‘I love you in the beginning’ becomes a masterpiece of romance comedy, I will smile with Kim Young-kwang and become a best couple and naturally become my life work.”

Kim Young-kwang said, “I was able to breathe well in the field. In addition, Kim Young-kwang said, “My diet was about three months ahead of the filming of ‘I love you in the beginning’.”

In addition, Jinji and Kim Young-kwang have made their debut behind the scenes. Not only did he attend a big company before his debut, he worked as a reporter and worked as a supermodel. “I could not ask for advice because there was no one around to work in this system,” Jing said. “I was supposed to see the supermodel announcement when I was worried,” he said.

Kim Young-kwang, who worked as a model before his debut, said, “I was at a famous show in overseas collections when I was a kid, and the stage at that time became known as an article.” “Because of that, Debuted behind the scenes.

Kim Young-kwang and Jin Ji-gum appear in a romance drama featuring a breathtaking double life of a man who does not know his face and a woman who deceives his face. The first broadcast at 10 pm on the 6th.

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