The two men left the mountain, and his wife, Park Min-jung, ran to him, “See you later.” It was an extraordinary measure to subtract MSG. It turns out that the first person who reaches the summit wishes is a quick run. Cho Hyun alone left, he was embarrassed, crying “baby.” 

Suddenly, she took the bag she left and followed him. When he became a combat climber, Cho Hyun regretted, “Why did I like to climb?” And said, “Are you a baby boy?” Soon I called my wife, but she said, “The first person who has reached the top has a choice of lunch menu.” In the end, Cho Hyun climbed again without any delay in thinking about going for a buffet. Even though it was his first hike after birth, his wife was noticeably faster. 

Jo Hyun Jae said, “Let’s have a conversation” and try to negotiate. My wife said, “What kind of conversation do you have with the family? Do not do it at home.” When her husband Jo Hyun Jae approached, she said, “I waited because I wanted to see.” The MCs said, “My wife is tough and my husband is changing.” 

At this time, Cho Hyun suddenly ran out and provoked. My wife, “today from every room,” and said to stimulate the present. MC asked what scary tomato and each room, Cho Hyun said, “Each room is scarier than tomatoes (vegetables),” he said, “When you write each room, the relationship is worse.” 

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