KBS2 liberal arts program ‘Joban Heaven Good Job’, which aired on the night of 29th, hosted a customized job search project led by Oh Sang Jin, Boom, Hong Jin Kyung, and Park Sung Kwang.

On this day, Park Kwang-kwang recommended a dog kindergarten teacher for career breakers. Dogs and cats are likely to challenge this job. It was possible to go to work with pets, and it was an easy task even for the disabled.

Hong Jin-kyung said, “This job looks good to challenge people who like pets a lot. Park Sung-kwang said that the job salary is early 20 million won. There is also welfare. It is reported that pet fees, care, and kindergarten use are 30% off, and nutritional supplements are provided free of charge.

Oh said, “The advantages are clear. I think it would be good for a single-person household with a pet. ”

Hong then went to a well-known online market company for used goods. The good job he recommended was an online market seller. He opened a store on the Internet and used smartphones and computers to sell things. Various online sellers are still active.

Of course, only a full-time employee can enjoy the welfare system, but the freelancer recommended by Hong Jin-kyung also had the advantage of not having to commute on time. Although the company still had a small profit, it was able to secure a fixed monthly income without spending any time.

‘Job Job Good Job’ was a search for entertainment that was optimized for people who had to find a variety of jobs in the age of 100. It was highlighted that people could get opportunities in the niche market of various jobs that no one could imagine.

The benefits of freelancers rather than full-time employees, as well as the annual salary, carefully analyzed the prospects and strengths and weaknesses of the profession.

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