Following the news that the main actor Park Shin-Yang was injured and the drama was absent, and that Deung Hee-bong was getting off due to health problems, Andong-dong (Cho Dang-hwan) and Oh Jung-ja (Mi-do), who appeared as helping lawyers, It was reported that it was accompanied by the middle class.

As viewers who do not know the inner film, there are bound to be some stories. It was also said that writers were replaced with writers, as they were reminiscent of past acts of actors such as Park Shin-Yang and Ko Hyun-jeong. Of course, KBS denied it. The PD went out directly to talk about the good relationship with the actors, and explained that getting off the middleway was a scheduled departure on the drama story.

The fact that there are so many controversies and rumors is that the drama is not doing well. Conversely, a good drama does not have much controversy even if a fair amount of work takes place. However, <local lawyer Joo Ho 2> did not. The ratings are on the order of 5% up and down, and the topic is not so hot. The good afterglows that season one had made and the expectation of casting Park Hyun Yang and Ko Hyun Jung, who were one-and-a-half, were higher, so the wave caused by the breakdown was inevitably larger.

In fact, <Local lawyer Joe Ho 2> is a difficult drama that the story itself is not so bad. Although Lee Jae-kyung (Ko Hyun-jung), who controls the serial murder, is facing the murder of Lee Jae-kyung, who lost his younger brother to Daesan Welfare Center in the past. So the real enemies of this drama are the national treasures of the Kookil Group (Daeheungbong) and the second generations (Kwon Hyuk, Kwon Hyuk) And corrupt politicians and prosecutors such as Baek Hyun-hyun (Son Byeong-ho) and Yu-Chang Ho (Kim Hak-rae).

In addition, characters such as Yoon So-mi (Lee Min-ji), a daughter of the deceased Yun Jeong-keun (Ju-jin-mo) secretary who protects the group, appear to be asking a lot of questions between legal justice and private feelings. He is confused when he realizes that his father is involved with Daesan Welfare Center in the past. From the perspective of the law, it is a criminal who can not be forgiven for doing such a thing, but the fact that Lee Jae Kyung was brought into Daesan Welfare Center with his brother by his father’s hand makes this crime sympathetic to some extent. In other words, a character such as Yoon So-mi is a character that can show how the future generations should organize the past history that we actually experienced in reality.

In this way, the material and composition of the story do not seem to be so bad. But why have all these controversies and mysterious stories been watched more than dramas in the face of such difficulties? It is a problem that is caused by trying to show irritating scenes rather than conveying the story in the early stage. Actually, it would not have been enough if the acting act of Park Shin-Yang or Ko Hyun-jung was simply conveying the story without the stimulating excessive scenes.

The story was lost as the film was repeatedly directed to catch the attention, and even the scene that showed it repeatedly repeated the cliche, and even the acting was faded. As the expectation was great, I was disappointed, and the speed of collapse was faster. I wonder why I was not faithful to the original story. I would not have made the same situation now if it had only been going around.

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