The revenge (Yoo Seung-ho) and Crystal (Jo Bo-aa) showed solid love in the crisis in SBS drama ‘Revenge is back (Drama Han Yoon Joon.

On that day, Ivy van Chammin (Jang Dong-joo) rose to the roof and prayed for suicide. I witnessed the revenge (Yoo Seung-ho), Crystal (Jo Bo-aa), and Seoh (Kwak Dong-yeon) who ran to the spot. Seoh said, “Do you die there?” He stimulated Jaemin, and he seemed to overlap with his 9 years ago. “If you jump out of there, there is nothing you can end up with, I promise you,” No one will remember you, and once you make a wrong choice, you can not. ” He was even more frightened. At this time, the avenger said, “Do not be bullshit,” and say, “If you are alive, you can start anything again.” “I can live anyway, I have a chance at all times,” he said, pointing to Charmin to hold his hand.

Chinmin took the revenge hand and came down from the trouble. “I was fine, I did well,” said Jae – min, who was attracted to the resident. Yeonmin (Yeon Seok-min) went to such a party and said, “Only ourselves can free our hearts, I wish that you can be free.” Later on, he told a resident who was on the verge of expulsion, “I have a chance to start something new again.” “I will be a better adult than you.” “I thank you for letting me stop,” said Jeong.

Crystal was upset when this happened again in front of revenge, and the revenge was sad, saying, “Why did this happen again in school nine years ago and now?” “We do not know that the first school is compulsory, and the wrong parents are ruining their children, and we should not do this again,” he said, “so we fight.”

The revenge exposed the school corruption, but the principal overturned it and neglected the corruption. In addition, the prosecutor, who was in charge of the investigation, seemed to be in contact with the top line and released the principal with a detention charge. Instead, he said, “The world does not return as you think.” The revenge was slashed, but he came back and said, “It is not over yet.” He vowed, “If you started once, you will see the end.” Then he noticed that Seo – ho (Kim, Jin – jin) was devising everything. She was nervous about what her mother would do again. Then, Seo said to her mother, “Stop now,” trying to stop the atrocity, but she did not stop.

The next day, a hearing of the commissioner was held to clarify the truth of the school affair, and Crystal was seated in the witness stand. Then, Park seated on the chair seat. It appeared to be an appreciation of the municipal council, and her mother was embarrassed. Revenge appeared as the last witness of the hearing. A revenge from the recruitment corruption to the records of the life record, the leakage of the test paper, the prosecutor’s office did not investigate properly, and revealed to the world the reality of the slush money that the mother hated. Park squeezed the suspicions again, but She said, “It is not true at all, everything is a manipulated suspicion.” He emphasized that the revenge was a violation of school violence 9 years ago.


“I heard that he had admitted that he jumped on his own, and he is not such a person,” he said. She said in front of the camera again, the relationship between correction and pluralism, and asked, “Do we have to believe a teacher who has an inappropriate relationship with a student as a teacher?” Crystal said, “Yes, I love Kang Bok-soo,” admitting it in front of the media and confessing to the world the relationship with revenge.

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