In the TVN entertainment program “Coffee Friends” broadcasted on the afternoon of the 18th, Jo Jae-yoon was introduced as the youngest part-time student, and the menu and the guest increased each day.

On the second business day of ‘Coffee Friends’, group mates were on the brink of a mental collapse, but Choi was able to meet the guests kindly and talk to the bar. Hyungsook made a toast with distinctive calmness and delicacy, and Sohn Ho and Joong Jung filled up their roles at that time. Jo Jae-yoon has run the dishes mode fully.

So I made a commitment, but I still greeted the guests without a mind. He said to the young man, “I have come a little bit,” and his brother said, “It’s okay,” he said. Both families, “bright, bright and bright Sejonga,” I remember the positive orders.

Choi Ji – woo served the citrus tea wrongly to the customer who ordered the citrus juice. Luckily, the customer said that he would drink citrus juice, but Choi Ji-woo made the citrus juice again with the service of sorry. I saw this situation and got out of the kitchen and apologized with Choi Ji-woo and relieved the dissatisfaction of the guests.

The soft stone was pleasantly exciting with unexpected humor. He said, “I came from Seoul,” and that another guest, “I was a fan since 1984,” he said, “Answer me, 1994.” “I was born in 1984, It was a long time, “he answered and laughed.

Jo Jae-yoon suffered endless dishwashing. Hyungseok looked at Jo Jae-yoon and laughed, saying, “It’s a dishwashing hell.” Cho Jae-yoon complained, “Do not you get a helping staff?” The two Koreans, who were not tired of Cho Jae Yoon, shouted “Baton Touch” and comforted Jo Jae-yoon. Cho Jae-yoon admired the kind of Sejong who was kind enough to take over the kitchen assistant and go to the sink. Cho Jae-yoon was very proud of this day’s Alba, saying, “Breakfast is at any time.”

On the same day, ‘Coffee Friend’ raised 87 thousand won and achieved a total of 1 million won for two days. I am not satisfied with this, but I have developed new cheese toast and new French toast. On the third business day, the members prepared some of the ingredients from the preparation process. Son developed a mandarin in milk, a mandarin in a latte, and a mandarin in a chocolate by using a mandarin orange. We also prepared a tangerine box on a plate of tangerine, which was picked directly from the farm. Especially, in order to make a milk foam to enter the new menu latte, I pumped the milk infinitely and the ‘smile sight’ was produced.

The guests were not unsteady, the outdoor tables were extended, and the members were once again placed in a “menstrual crisis”. On the next business day, ‘Enthusiast Mansour’ and Yu-na Yunho of the group TVXQ were put in for a new Chemie.

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