ravel art is the main content of our art along with family art and music art. Today’s viewers enjoy high scores in terms of the creation of observation arts that are most familiar to the public, the benefits of delivering romance and fresh sights, and the utility of these fun elements as practical information. It has become a viewing entertainment content.

Travel arts are divided into two types: fantasy programs focused on informationality, and fantasy through experiences that cannot be enjoyed by ordinary tourists in exotic landscapes. The planning direction seems to be going to a completely different place, but the goal and element of fun are the same in that it captures the romance that seeks new vitality through travel and the existence of good people.

tvN entertainment <Siberian Squadron> is, as the name suggests, a five-day, six-day, seven-day trip for the Siberian trans-train trip that has not been widely introduced in the domestic media. . Unlike general travel entertainment, however, there is little information or introduction. You don’t have to call or the internet while you’re running. The train journey itself is exotic but boring. The landscape outside the window is vast, but it’s just empty and just overlooked like a flat Thursday night schedule. Up to three times of the trip, four days and three nights, the space for travel is still narrow and narrow. There is no exotic gourmet trip. Every time they eat something they eat, they usually lie down or sit down and spend time playing games.

The crew doesn’t seem to expect this painting. The device prepared for the limited picture is the YouTube content that the performers make themselves. The performers decide not to simply observe what is being observed during the train journey, but to produce the tips from these experiences for the people who will come as the latecomers. Therefore, we will try to give tips such as introducing train spaces and fixtures, using a shower room, changing underwear in the open spaces, and capturing the scenery of the station. But in fact, there’s not much to say in a running train, and there’s no entertainer, so YouTube content creation is squeezed out of the main setup and doesn’t try to create anything but a hidden camera.

Instead, the element that keeps watching Siberian Squadron is the performers who cling to the narrow space. It’s a poor situation that can’t be washed properly or redressed, but after spending a few days close together in a narrow and open space, the character of the performer is revealed and focuses on the affection felt in the relationship between people. In this environment, a kind of bromans with Lee Sun-kyun and Kim Nam-gil who have never appeared in observational arts, as well as supporting actors Kyu-pil Kim and Min-sik Kim, and Lee Sang-yeop, the only performing artist who will appear in the future, are spread across the vast grasslands and Lake Baikal of Siberia. . Not all of us have a deep relationship from the beginning. Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Min-sik and Kim Nam-gil are close friends, but Go Kyu-pil and Lee Sun-kyun are the first meeting. The crush that comes from knowing and getting to know each other is spread to viewers.

Due to their honesty and human character, they watch their grand journey even though they have no special storytelling or attractions. Lee Sun-kyun, but the role of the captain, but rather than ahead, always standing behind or next to the reaction. Hang out with your juniors and don’t miss any serious advice. Kim Nam-gil, who has always played an active role as a main saw, falls behind them and acts as an assistant. It also plays a role as a middle-middle atmosphere maker, showing its unprecedented and active personality. In particular, it is a frustrating situation in which a marriage misconception breaks up quickly during a train trip, which makes it difficult to solve the problem. Exerted without.

Ko Kyu-pil is in charge of cuteness and snoring and is the core of most contents. Kim Min-sik brought out his true story, such as the burden of appearing in the arts and worrying about the career of the actor, even though he is not well-known. Serious conversations with Ko Kyu-Pil could bring authenticity to this train journey beyond just being prepared to show.

Kim said in an interview, “It was a happy time every day because I was with people who were important. Even when something unexpected happened in an unfamiliar place, even when it was a little uncomfortable and difficult, it always seemed fun and relaxing. ” It’s obviously a lip service, but it’s quite authentic when it comes to the specialty of train travel. No matter how many camera trips are surrounded by cameras, conversations held together in a narrow space for a long time, caring for each other and enjoying uncomfortable situations positively ease the viewer’s mind. After all, it is a crush that comes from people. I am more bored than any other travel entertainment in terms of sights and events, but I hope that the time together will shine as the ‘small ties’ that Lee Sun-kyun told two juniors.

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