Yang Jun-il 91.19, which airs at 11 pm Thursday, January 16 (Thursday) and 23 (Thursday), will cover a two-week story from the arrival of singer Yang Jun-il to his first fan meeting. The title of the program is to commemorate Yang Jun-il’s debut year of 1991 and 2019’s summoned year.

Yang Joon-il, who appeared as a sugarman on JTBC’s “To You Project-Sugar Man 3” (hereinafter referred to as “Sugar Man 3”), which aired on December 6, has gathered a new topic. In the 90s, the incredible fashion sense, his unique performances, and the fun-born Koreans brought back the hardships of the entertainment industry and moved many people.

In ‘Sugar Man, Yang Jun-il 91.19’, you can get a glimpse of Yang Joon-il’s domestic activities and the honest appearance of ‘Human Yang-Jun-il’.

Yun Hyunjun CP, who planned the program, said, “We tried to capture the deep emotions and joy that Yang Joon-il, who was summoned again by our time, prepared for his first fan meeting, and the sincerity he wanted to convey.” It will be a program where everyone can think and feel a lot. ”

The true story of Sugarman, Yang Jun-il, can be found in JTBC’s special feature Sugarman, Yang Jun-il 91.19, which airs at 11 pm on January 16 and 23 (Thursday).

Meanwhile, 11 episodes of JTBC’s Thursday entertainment program, ‘Wicked Five Brothers’, will be broadcast on the 30th.

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