At the last big SBS drama ‘Big Issue’ on June 2, Han Seok-joo (Joo-jin-mo) started an operation with Su-Hyun (Han Ye-seul) and succeeded in digging the cottage entertainment scandal and made a pleasant reversal. As a result, Han Seok-ju has a happy ending to remain in the revenge of Nara Ilbo and the representative (the whole nation) who cheated and betrayed herself.

Joo Jin-moo has been well received by many people who have struggled to take on the role of Han Seok-joo, a pianist who has no blood or tears, and who has fallen into the hell of life.

Especially, the remarkable transformation of Ji Jin-mo showed in “Big Issue”. From his first appearance, he captivated his eyes with his hairy hair and beard, and he expressed his state of alcoholism with an uneasy look and action somewhere. Afterwards, he overcame the terrible suffering and was reborn as a paparazzi, and eventually became the new representative of Sunday’s communication, which gave him an overwhelming charisma. 

Here, the three-dimensional performance of Joo-jin-soo, who completed a colorful character until the days of Nara Ilbo, an elite photographer who appeared in the past recollections scene, increased her immersion every time.

The presence of Ji Jin-moo, who was completely digested, was also brilliant from the hot-hearted feeling to the real action. The heartbreaking affection for her sick daughter and her tearful eyes made the viewers feel sick.

I also added the fun of watching breathtaking chases and actions to take another photo. Joo Jin-moo ran with a camera in one hand and climbed up the elevator vent or climbed through the room’s rock wall. It was so responsible for the character of the movie and the enthusiasm for the work.

From the first broadcast to the last ending, the actor Ju Jin-mo, who showed dramatic transformation and hot-rolled every moment, proved his true worth again through the ‘Big Issue’. 

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