Lee Jae-sang (Jung Ji-hoon) saved his abducted daughter in 13-14 episodes of MBC’s monthly drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’ (played by Yu Hee-kyung / directed by Kim Geun-hong and Sim So-yeon).

Park Yeon-ji, a well-known social service mother, confirmed the ring’s body when Jo Ho-young, who was supposed to be a caring child, Nam Hye-jung, murdered her daughter Park Ban-ji and committed suicide. However, Lazion (Lim Ji-yeon) questioned the gypsy mother who was just wearing the clothes she had just been upside down, and Lee knew that the gypsy mother had made her look pitiful.

As a result of the investigation, the medicinal mother repeated the lie and self-harm in her childhood, longing for her father’s affection. Dong-taek Kwak said, “It is like Munchenhausen syndrome. It is a psychosis that creates a false situation in order to receive sympathy. The wrong growth period is made of love-hungry monsters. ”

Moon Ji-ho (Hong Jin-gi) hacked into the history of the use of Yakji Mom and found out that he bought powdered milk. Han Yu-rim, who should not eat dairy products, was the next victim, and Jae-sang Lee hacked into the computer through Moon Ji-ho, revealing the site where the drug was injected into Han Yu-rim. The arrested mother was arrested for murder and child abuse, and revealed misfortune with Lee’s past.

At the time of Jaejoong’s examination, Yakji was a nurse, and at the time of Sekyung Nursery, she knew that Lee had been lying to Lazion about Troxertin. At the time of Lacyion, he knew that and declared his separation to Lee. Jae-sang Lee was devastated to find out the real reason why he and he separated.

Lee asked why he had accepted him again, and after the breakup, Lee came back and said, “Love is learning each other. Teach me. I will learn you. ” Lazion said that receiving him again was one of the best things he ever did. The next day, Lee Jae-sang tried to take part in the threat of Jang Do-sik (Son Byung-ho), but another incident occurred.

After being investigated at the police station, Yak-ji’s mother escaped and kidnapped Lee Sang-sang Rasyon’s daughter Ivona (Lee Soo-a), and Lee Jae-sang Raseon Dong-taek saved Ivona. After finding consciousness, Ivona was sleepy to go get a bike, a family sports product, and Lee Sang-sang went to a sports club and rode a bike. Meanwhile, Dong-taek visited Jang Do-sik and traded to protect Lee.

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