Gagman Kim Byung-man, No Woo-jin, actor Lee Tae-gon, Lee Jung-hyun, Matthew Douma, singer Jeon So-mi, singer and songwriter Yoo Jae-hwan (UL), model Han Hyun-min’s jungle survivors were released.

On the 11th, SBS ‘Jungle’s Law in Zug’ broadcasted the scenes of Kim Byung-man, Noh Woo-jin, Lee Tae-gon, Lee Jung-hyun, Matthew Douma, Jeon So-mi, Yoo Jae-hwan (UL), and Hyun-min Han.

On that day, uninhabited teams (Jun So-mi, Matthew Douma, No-jin, Han Hyun-min) smoked waiting for the rescue to escape from the uninhabited island. Kim Byung Man found the uninhabited team after seeing the acting, and escaped the members safely.

Afterwards, all members reunited in the new survivorship, and the members joined forces to expand their homes. Subsequently, Kim Byung-man, Lee Tae-gon and Lee Jung-hyun went underwater hunting.

Kim Byung-man said, “I haven’t experienced it six times. I was confident with it.” Itae-gon expressed confidence that “I don’t need anything else and I want to get a big one.”

Particularly, Kim Byung-man hunted the garfish in succession, and Lee Tae-gon won the octopus. Lee Jung-hyun also caught a doomed parakeet fish. The members enjoyed a dinner with a variety of menus such as garfish barbecue and coconut octopus sashimi.

Kim Byung-man said, “I felt once again that it’s big to be next to someone.”

In addition, Lee Tae-gon was greedy for tuna fishing, and hoped that “I would like to say goodbye to the viewers in the new year because I have succeeded in tuna fishing.”

Lee Tae-gon got on the boat with Kim Byung-man, No-jin and challenged tuna fishing. Lee Tae-gon felt his mouth, wrapped his fishing line, and was surprised by 2m of shark caught.

Lee Tae-gon guessed, “What shark is lure. I caught tuna and I ate tuna.

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