In the SBS entertainment ‘Jungle’s Law in North Mariana’ (‘Jungle’s Law’) broadcasted on the 18th, actors Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Ju Yeon, Singer Oh Jong Hyuk, comedian Yang So Chan, space girl BoNa, starring The Boys, swimmer Park Tae Hwan One look took the radio.

On the second day of survival on the day, Yang Chan Chan made a fishing rod skillfully with sharp tools. He then went fishing with Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Ju Yeon, and Joo Yeon. Starring in the rough waves, he made a folk gig with a fork in the harpoon.

“I thought it was not supposed to starve me. I felt responsible.” He then went into the water with a fork harpoon, but failed to catch the fish, and as the waves were raging, the crew suggested withdrawal.

On the other hand, Bona first challenged freediving. He had a good level of diving skill, saying he had a skin scuba certificate in preparation for sea hunting. However, when Bona was having a hard time, Oh Jonghyuk said, “You should not panic because you can not afford it.”

“When I practiced in the pool, it was different from the practice,” Bona said in an interview. “I was scared because I was trying to get into the body without a reservoir, but Jonghyuk gave me gratitude because he helped me catch my hand and keep me afraid.”

Park Tae – hwan went to the night sea hunt with Kim Byung – man. Previously, Kim Byeongman discovered the hunting point through daytime exploration. He said, “I have a big fish and I’m hiding in the night. I think it would be better to come at night.” When the day was dark, I headed for Park Taehwan and the place I had steamed.

Park Tae-hwan said, “I thought that we had to depend on the fate of our family because we were going out alone. I thought I should go back to my shoulder.

Swimming skill is the best in the world, but Park Tae-hwan, who is a beginner in hunting, also expressed difficulty in catching barefoot fish. Kim Byung – man informed Park Tae – hwan about the location of the fish and gave me the know – how to catch the fish.

After that, thanks to Kim Byung-man, Park Tae-hwan, who had learned the trick, succeeded in hunting successively. Kim Byeong-man admits, “I usually look for the beginners to see what they can get (harpoon).


After finding the instinctive sensation, Park recovered the water, caught the unicorn fish, the slippers and the ropes. In an interview with the production team, Park said, “I tried to get to the surface when it was wide. I learned my own skills.”

The fish caught by Park Tae – Hwan on the day were 14 kinds, totaling 8 kinds. Kim Byeong-man said, “I’ve been doing ‘Jungle’s Law’ for 8 years, but no one caught me that much.” For the first time, I just went after him with a net, “said Tae-hwan. However, Park Tae – hwan said, “It was possible because I was ill. I did not know how to do it at first. I will turn the ball to his brother. ”

Since then, the patisserie has cooked ramen noodles and bamboo fish grilled fish, which were obtained by Park Tae Hwan and Kim Byung Man. Park Tae – hwan looked at the taste of the finished soup, and said, “Oh, I have my blood and sweat.” I admired it and bought a smile. Bonado also “impressed” and praised the taste.

In particular, the confrontation between Park Tae – hwan and sea turtle attracted attention. In a preliminary interview, PD was asked to Park Tae-hwan, “Who will win if the sea turtle and Pak Tae-hwan swim?” And Park Tae-hwan said, “I should have seen the sea turtle, but I have never seen it before.” But he said, “I do not know how fast a sea turtle is, but I do not want to lose it.”

After that, a sea turtle appeared and a big match of Marine Boy and sea turtle, which were all anticipated, unfolded. Park Tae-hwan tried to reduce the gap with the sea turtles that were ahead of him, but the result was the sea turtle’s win. Park said, “It was too fast. It was about the same speed, but the sea turtle went so fast that I could not go.”

The next day, Park Tae Hwan went to South Korea first. He said, “Now I’m fit and I’m sorry to go.” Park, however, played a 1: 7 swim meet with the members before leaving. Despite the handicap of ‘swim only on his upper body’ and ‘swim with only gahoeom’, he overcame the members with great speed at the start.

After the showdown, Park Tae Hwan said, “It was the first time I swam while playing.”

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