The KBS2 tree drama ‘Justice’, which was broadcasted on the 8th, depicts Lee Tae-kyung (Choi Jin-hyuk) suspecting Song Woo-yong (son Hyun-joo).

On this day, Lee Tae-kyung learned the survival of Cho Hyun-woo (Lee Kang-wook) through Seo Yeon-na. The findings of Cho Hyun-woo, who thought he died, found a cigarette butt on the predicted path of kidnapping Jang Young-mi. Lee Tae-kyung finally found out that Cho Hyun-woo, who was one of the drunk driving perpetrators who killed his brother, Lee Tae-ju, who had revenge himself, is still alive.

Lee Tae-kyung visited Song Woo-yong and commented on Cho Hyun-woo, saying, “Did you say that your brother did it in the Philippines? Is he alive?” Song Woo-yong had already been on a boat with Cho Hyun-woo, but he struck Shichimi.

Missing Jang Young-mi was alive. Jang Young-mi was incarcerated in a hotel room. Cho Hyun-woo watched such an appearance through CCTV.

Lee Tae-kyung saw Song Woo-yong meet Cho Hyun-woo. Song Woo-yong gave Cho Hyun-woo a new cell phone and the prosecution is watching, “be careful.” Song Woo-yong asked Jang Young-mi, “You must never kill this time.”

Lee Tae-kyung followed Cho Hyun-woo’s house. Lee Tae-kyung shot, “Where is Jang Young-mi. Why did you kill my sister. Who let you.” Then Lee Tae-kyung was pierced by Cho Hyun-woo’s knife and bleeding. Lee Tae-gyeong was very sick and took a mobile phone dropped by Cho Hyun-woo. Song made a call to only one of the contact numbers. Lee Tae Kyung confirmed the relationship between Cho Hyun-woo and Song Woo-yong.

Lee Tae-kyung, who was hospitalized, called Song Woo-yong. Song Woo-yong, “Ask what you want to ask,” he said. Lee Tae-kyung said, “You can’t do it to me.”

Tak Soo-ho (Park Sung-hoon) smiled at Song Woo-yong saying, “You put a knife into Lee Tae-kyung.” Taksuho said, “I’m annoyed by the lawsuit and will I handle the rest?”

Lee Tae-kyung asked Seo Yeon (Nana) to compare the cuts she wore with those of the Jang Enter case. According to the analysis of the fruit tree, Seo Yeon-ah said that the method is similar to the case of Jan-enter, but not the case seven years ago.

Lee Tae-kyung contacted the reporter and spread the article about Cho Hyun-woo. Lee Tae-kyung visited Song Woo-yong’s office. When Lee Tae-kyung asked, “Where is Jang Young-mi?”, Song replied, “I don’t know.” Lee Tae-kyung showed that he knew the betrayal of Song Woo-yong by taking out Cho Hyun-woo’s cell phone.

Cho Hyun-woo was displeased when he appeared in an article for actress serial murder and kidnapping suspects. Cho Hyun-woo called Lee Tae-kyung and said, “I know where Jang Young-mi is.” Cho Hyun-woo made an appointment to meet with Lee Tae-kyung at the Panjung Construction Lobby. As soon as Song Woo-yong arrived there, three people met.

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