KBS 2TV ‘Justice’, which aired on the 8th, depicted the collaboration between Taekyung (Choi Jin-hyuk) and Yeon-woo (Nana). 

Hyun Woo (Lee Kang Wook) served seven years ago as a suspect, but was released on the grounds of mental health. Hyunwoo became a free body, kidnapped English and continued his misconduct as directed by Woo Yong. 

Taekyung finds Hyunwoo after the trace. “Why did you do it to my sister? Who asked for it? ”But he fell unconscious and fell by his counterattack. 

Awake, Taekyung struggled with betrayal towards the right. That’s why Taekyung has been with us for a long time. 

Eventually, Taekyung cried out, saying, “You can’t do it to me.” When Woo Yong carefully said, “Why am I forced to do that?” Taekyung said, “Why, I’ll look for it now. I’ll find them one by one. So don’t tell me a lie anymore. ” 

Su-ho (Park Sung-hoon) also heard the news, “I attack Lee Tae-kyung, who was so dear. This is the neat way. Without Lee Tae-kyung, everything will be solved in one room. ” Woo Yong dismissed, “Please don’t let things get bigger.” 

Tae-kyung worked with Yun-woo (Nana) to investigate the disappearance of Hyun-woo. Dongsuk’s advice is to use the media. 

This was a hit. Hyun-woo related articles appeared on the Internet, the right to move quickly. Taekyung looked for that kind of use. “I’ve been wondering. What is the face of the brother who saw this article? ” 

Woo-yong said, “When the wolf grows to some extent and starts showing teeth, you have to make a decision. Will they continue to live with the wolves with their wild teeth or will they be skinned for harm? ” Righteousness was also consistent with the whereabouts of the United States.

  Hyun Woo was not the only person who responded to the article. The party, Hyun Woo, also reacted sensitively to the article. 

Hyun-woo called Tae-kyung after saying that he knew whereabouts of the United States. Tae-kyung’s anger at Woo-woo and Hyun-woo’s meeting raised the curiosity about the future development. 

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