In the 27 and 28 episodes of KBS 2TV’s TV drama ‘Justice’, which was broadcast on the 29th, Lee Tae-kyung (Choi Jin-hyuk) and Seo Yeon-a (Nana) faced a crisis.

On this day, Lee Tae-kyung and Seo Yeon-ah obtained the transcripts for Song Woo-yong (Son Hyun-joo) and Tak Su-ho (Park Sung-hoon) through Cho Hyun-woo (Lee Kang-wook).

Cho Hyun-woo testified that Song Woo-yong brought Tak Soo-ho new actresses and Tak Soo-ho had them kill him.

Seo Yun summoned Song Woo-yong based on Cho Hyun-woo’s transcripts and statements. Song Woo-yong said that Seo Yeon-ah listened to the transcripts and was also in trouble.

Song Woo-yong met with the prosecution leader to issue a warrant for Cho Hyun-woo. Seo Yuna, of course, thought that he would be dismissed.

Cho Hyun-woo, who was transferred to a Seoul detention center, was killed by Song Woo-yong. With the death of Cho Hyun-woo, a crisis came over Lee Tae-kyung and Seo Yeon-a. Song Woo-yong decorated the job with two people asking for a huge amount of money for Cho Hyun-woo.

Lee Tae-kyung was arrested for violating the anti-trust law. Seo Yu-na was subject to disciplinary investigation. Cha Nam-sik (Kim Ji-hyun) advised Seo to thoroughly prepare for the disciplinary investigation and investigate the case until the end.

Song Woo-yong met with Lee Tae-kyung’s direct employee Nam Won-ki (Cho Dal-hwan) and offered a deal, saying, “Your brothers haven’t settled yet. Nam Won-gi did not answer.

Thanks to the movement of Ma Dong-hyuk (Lhak Hak-joo), Lee Tae-kyung and Seo Yeon-a met in secret, avoiding people’s eyes. Lee Tae-kyung instructed Nam Won-ki to release the original USB to the media and asked him to care about data management.

Song Dae-jin (Kim Hee-chan) learned what Cho’s father had done through Cho Hyun-woo’s transcript. Song Dae-jin told Lee Tae-kyung’s brother, Lee Tae-ju (Kim Hyun-mok), who secretly paid the school expenses for himself in the past. Song Woo-yong decided to release Lee Tae-kyung more than watching the suffering Song Dae-jin.

As Nam Won-gi rejected Song Woo-yong’s proposal, images of high-grade members such as the prosecutor general and the head of the National Tax Service were released to the world.

Song went to Seo Yeon with his daily record in his library. Seo Yu-na and Lee Tae-kyung were embarrassed. Song Woo-yong said, “It’s a voluntary appearance. I gave the members of Namwon restaurant spawn.”

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