JYP Entertainment, a sports trainee, has been dismissed from his agency for three days after the controversy over ‘Sunrise’, and he got off the show. Mnet ‘Produce X101’, which he appeared, decided to edit his cast as much as possible and deleted the fan-voting section for him. And we are trying to prevent the recurrence of the other cast members by reassessing the past history.

JYP Entertainment decided to terminate the contract with Yoon Seobin, who is currently appearing on Mnet ‘Produce X101’, after judging that JYP Entertainment does not match the policy of the company. I will inform you that Yun Seobin is also getting off the program. “

Mnet also said, “I received news of Yoon Sobin’s departure from JYP today (since the first contest has already been held), and editing of the tongue is hard. I will minimize the exposure of Yoon Seobin in a way that cuts the damage of other trainees as much as possible without the single cut (one shot). ” In addition, each agency has been asked to check the privacy of the cast members again and notify them of any serious disputes.

Previously, Yoon Seobin appeared as a trainee at JYP Entertainment on Mnet ‘Produce X101’ which was broadcasted on the 3rd of the last day. Yun Seobin, who was interested in being a JYP entertainment trainee before the release of the level test, won the first place in the battle with other trainees who were in the first place. So I got a benefit that I could do alone for one minute in this broadcast, and I took a snowboard to viewers. In the first week of the week, he ranked 12th in the first place.

However, after the first broadcast, the online community posted an article that Yoon Suk Bin served as school violence in the past.

The writer who claimed himself to be Yoon Seobin’s alumni claimed that Yun Seobin’s name was Yoon Byung-hui and he was famous enough to have no one in Gwangju during his age. He said, “If my argument is not true, I will be sued.” Since then, in various social networking sites, Yoon Sung-bin has been wearing uniforms and photographs including pictures of alcohol and cigarettes, and articles accusing him of his past.

When the claim was raised, DC Inside Produced X101 Gallery issued a statement urging Yun Seobin to quit. Fan Il-dong said, “The controversy of Yun Seobin is obviously contradictory to the ‘national producers’ and ‘global producers for global producers’ project, which is the motto of Producer X101. It is a part that can be regarded as a young act, but it is urging the withdrawal of Yoon Seobin because if the victim occurred, it would remain as an irreversible trauma for life. “

Yoon Seobin received the attention of the first place from the first in the broadcasting which appeared to accomplish the dream of the singer’s debut. However, after the first broadcast, the ankle was caught in the past, and it was disgraceful that the company was forced to leave the station and get off the air.

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