An interview with the exclusive monopoly was drawn before the Sangkyoung Gang Daniel Solo scrambling on the 16th. After six months’ absence, he became a public relations ambassador in Busan. He was interviewed after the commissioning ceremony for the Hong-do ambassador. 

He said he wanted to play baseball a year ago and he said, “I wanted to be in my hometown of Busan City. 

In the meantime, Gang Daniel said, “I was very prepared for my heart, 
and I was so immersed in the preparation of the album that I was shaking violently  .” “It was hard for me to get tired of my appointments with my fans.” In the meantime, he announced his comeback and his debut name was ‘Color On Me.’ 

When he mentioned Kang Daniel, who is rich in chocolate abs, he said, “I will prepare for performance when time permits.” He 
also said, “I think Samyed is like.”

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