Kang Daniel has been preparing for the solo debut album, coordinating the distribution schedule with the distributors, and has been preparing for the next album. It is said that he is particularly concerned about his debut solo debut, such as shooting nights at night in order to get high-quality results in recent music videos. 

Kang Daniel made his debut as the center of the idol group Warner One, taking first place in the Mnet Produced 101 Season 2, which was first broadcast in April 2017, as a trainee. Warner won the nickname “Monster Newbie” as soon as he debuted, swept the tops and trophies, and set a new record of 1 million albums sold. 

At the end of Warner One’s one and a half year period of activity, eleven members went their way, and Gang Daniel prepared for his solo debut. In this process, LM Entertainment has suffered conflict with its subsidiary company, but now it has established a one-person agency and is making its debut at the end of July. 

Gang Daniel, who finished almost ready for his solo debut, will hold a ceremony for the Ambassador of Busan City at Busan Sajik Stadium on the 9th at 6 pm on September 9, and will play the city of NC DaNoS with the ‘2019 Shinhan Bank Maika KBO League Lotte Giants’ . It will be shown in the official statue in six months after the end of the Warner Wing activity.

In fact, it is expected that what kind of action Daniel Kang will show in his full-fledged activities. 

On the other hand, on October 10, Seoul Central District Court Civil Part 51 was able to cite all of the applications for injunctive relief of Kang Daniel against LM Entertainment. 

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